My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

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My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:20 pm

Coming Out

Sue and Paul were at university trying to find somewhere to live. Their first choice was a place together but if they couldn't it would have to be separate places, and perhaps find something better later. At the moment they were not having any luck in either direction. There seemed to be a distinct dearth of suitable places to rent.

"Paul, what are we going to do if we don't find a place to live in by next week?" asked Sue.

"I don't know, we will probably have to bunk down in the university gym. I heard that they were getting it ready as a contingent for those students who had not found digs at the beginning of term."

"That doesn't sound so good. Doesn't old Aunt Maud live somewhere in this area? Perhaps we could go and visit her. Maybe she has a couple of beds for us for a week or two until we find our own place"

"And there was me thinking that I might cramp your style," laughed Paul, thinking back to their discussion a few weeks previously. "Don't you think that old Aunt Maud might cramp it even more?"

"I'm not so sure. I only have good memories from the last time we stayed with her. We were so free."

"Also Sue, don't forget that she died not too long ago."

"Oops, you're right, I forgot, back to the gym"

Sue's phone rang

"Hello" she answered "Oh, hi mum!"


"No we haven't yet and it doesn't look too good. There don't seem to be any free places for the both of us. It looks like for the first few weeks we will be bunking down in the university gym"


"OK, I will," said Sue, as she hung up.

"Paul, that was mum and she might have a solution for us but she will have to speak with dad first."

Eve, Paul and Sue's mother had just received notice that she had been left a house by her late aunt Maud and the specific instructions were 'that it was to be for the use of Paul and Sue in the manner it was designed for'. Now Eve did not understand what it meant 'for use in the manner it was designed for', but the fact the house was close to the university where Paul and Sue were to study would solve their housing problem. It would be possible to cycle into university each day without any problem. Adam, their father, had a disliking for Aunt Maud from very early on and they rarely met, usually only at large family gatherings, so Eve knew she had a difficult task on her hand to persuade him. She thought about it and decided to prepare AdamÔÇÖs favourite meal for supper. She had just enough time before he came home from work.

Later after Eve and Adam had just finished their supper they started discussing how the children were getting on. They had done well in their exams at school and each had got into the university of their choice with no problem. Now, it would seem, there was a problem of finding somewhere to live while they studied there, not as easy as getting in. Now they had got onto the subject Eve brought up the question of the house.

"Dear," Eve started somewhat apprehensively, "I received a letter from Aunt Maud's solicitor this morning and it may have a solution to Paul and Sue's housing problem."

"Really," Adam snorted, "what does she want now?"

Eve quickly topped up Adam's wine glass and carefully continued, "It would seem that in the terms of her will she is leaving the small house she had in the country for the use of Paul and Sue. You know the one close to where they are going to university and that they used to visit as small children. They always seemed to like it there and always came back very healthy from playing outside all day, especially in the summer.'

"Yes, I do remember," Adam replied tersely. "They always came back with stories that they would be swimming in the river at the bottom of the garden and running around with nothing on to dry off! That woman had no respect allowing children to do that."

This discussion was not going how Eve had hoped, but she still persevered. "Paul and Sue were only three or four years old then, there was nothing wrong and it was very practical. Why do you dislike Aunt Maud so much?"

"I don't know if I can give any one reason, but somehow I had the impression she always went against conventions and had the ability to brush your family up very easily. She always seemed to have such an unusual crowd of friends."

"Darling, please try and put your opinions of Aunt Maud to one side and see it as a solution to the very serious problem Paul and Sue have. I spoke with Sue today and they still have not found a place to live, and there is a very good chance that they will spend the first few days or weeks at university bunked down in the university gym."

"Yes," Adam agreed, "I should not put my opinions of your late aunt as a reason to reject the solution. Where is the letter you received from the solicitor?"

Eve breathed a sigh of relief but she knew there would be questions regarding the conditions. She got up, retrieved the letter from the drawer in the sideboard and gave it to him.

Adam read the letter slowly, then carefully asked "What is this condition 'for use in the manner it was designed for'?"

"I do not know exactly. Perhaps it means that the place cannot be sold off and flats built on the site," Eve answered.

"That would probably be the best solution for that place. I remember that it was a small pokey place, dark and with very little room inside. From outside it always seemed much bigger. Still if the place is small the twins will not be able to have big parties. Not that I think they would!" he added hastily. "They behaved themselves on their trip to the Holy Land."

"Yes, they were. What do you think, should we accept it for them? We have to tell the solicitor by the end of the week."

"Yes, my dear, I think we should. It will solve the twinsÔÇÖ problem. It can always be sold when they leave university."

"Oh darling, thank you very much," Eve said, jumping up and giving him a kiss. "I will call the solicitor in the morning. Now I will give Sue a call and break the news to her."

"Dear, one more thing," Adam added and Eve's heart sunk. "I will not be able to help them move in or do any jobs that might need doing to bring the place up to scratch. I do not want to go to that place. You will have to help them move and Paul will have to do the handy work."

Eve breathed a sigh of relief.

"No problem," she said. "I haven't been there for so long that I would like to see the place again. I will help them move."

With that Eve ran off to phone Sue with the good news.

"Hello, Sue?"


"We have solved your housing problem."


"It is my Aunt Maud's place, not too far away from where you are now."


"I will give you more details tomorrow. I have to call the solicitor in the morning and then I will be much wiser."


"Bye, Sue."

The next morning Eve phoned the solicitor who was acting for her late aunt and told them that the twins would be pleased to receive the house for their use. When she asked when she could receive the keys to the house, as they would need it for a place to live whilst they were at university, she was told that another of the conditions was that the twins had to come to the solicitor's office themselves to receive the keys and an explanation as to the conditions. This being the case an appointment was made for the coming Friday to give her enough time to tell the twins what was happening and enough time for them to move in before the start of university. After this call she phoned Sue and told her that they had to come home to get the keys.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:23 pm

By Friday Paul and Sue had returned home and went with their mother to the solicitors, Pritchard and Prichard.

"Good morning," Eve said to the receptionist. "I am Mrs. Wilson and we have an appointment with Mr. John Pritchard."

"Good morning," the receptionist replied. "Please take a seat and I will inform Mr. Prichard you have arrived."

They all sat down and began to talk amongst themselves.

"OK Mum how is it you have only heard about this now? I thought that old Aunt Maud died six months ago," Paul asked.

"I do not really know, I was hoping that the solicitor could enlighten us. It has certainly come at just the right time for you two."

"And what is all this special condition 'for use in the manner it was designed for'?" Sue continued.

"I don't know!" Eve answered beginning to get a little exasperated. "Maybe it does not allow you to sell it for building. The land there must be quite valuable for building seeing as to how close it is to town."

At this point a young gentleman came towards them.

"Good morning, I am Mr. Mark Prichard. You must be Mrs. Wilson and your two children Paul and Sue, the great nephew and great niece of the late Maud Lewis. Unfortunately my father in law was unable to be here today and asked me to step in for him. I have been fully briefed on the case and am fully conversant with the issue at hand."

"Good morning. What can you tell us about the special conditions?" Eve answered quickly unable to restrain herself.

"First of all Mrs. Wilson, I think that any discussion we have should be in the office and not out here in the reception."

"Yes, of course, I am so sorry for being so impatient."

"And secondly, another of the conditions is that I am only able to pass the information on to the two children. Unfortunately Mrs. Wilson you will have to wait out here in the reception area until we finish."

"But, but.." started Eve, not knowing what to say next, "but what does that mean? Am I to be kept out of the room and not told anything? They are only children."

"Mrs. Wilson, I am sorry that is a condition and I cannot continue otherwise."

"Mum, donÔÇÖt worry, we will tell you everything afterwards. That is allowed isn't it?" Paul said trying to calm his mother down.

"Yes of course it is." Mr. Prichard answered "If you have no objection Mrs. Wilson I would like to speak with Paul and Sue in private."

"No, of course not, if that is a condition then I have no choice, but I think it is unfair."

"Thank you Mrs. Wilson for your understanding. For your information I was also instructed to inform you that if you insisted on coming in I would have to tell you that you had forfeited the place. Paul, Sue, please follow me."

Paul and Sue followed Mr. Prichard into the office. Eve sat down, somewhat angrily.

After about forty five minutes Paul and Sue came out of the office smiling and with a key in their hands.

"Come on Mum, lets go and have a cup of coffee and we can tell you all about it." Paul said quickly before his mother could say anything. "Thank you Mr. Prichard we will keep in contact"

The three of them left the solicitors office and looked for a coffee shop to have a drink and a chance to talk about what had happened in the office. Very quickly they found a place, ordered their coffees and Danish and sat down in a quiet corner.

"Mum it's like this" Sue started "we've got the keys, it is fully furnished and we can move in today. Also the basic expenses rates, water, electricity, telephone and so on are fully covered."

"It's not our place yet," Paul noted. "It's in trust until we are 25."

"That's a weird way to give someone a house in their will, but then your Aunt Maud was always a weird character," Eve noted. "What is this thing with 'for use in the manner it was designed for'? Did Mr. Prichard tell you about it?"

"Apparently there are a lot of conditions, many of which we are not a party to yet. He did not explain what that one meant even though we asked him," Paul continued, "only that we would understand it eventually. Apparently it is up to us to work it out."

"What are the other conditions?" Eve questioned.

"Well," Sue barged in, "a representative of the trust will make occasional visits to the house to see how we are getting on. Obviously they want to see if we students are trashing the place!"

"Just kidding," Sue added quickly when she saw her mother's face.

"Another thing is that we are not allowed to do any changes to the building or garden without the permission of the trust, and they will tell us who is to do the work. He also said that he realised that we would need internet access so he had already contacted a company and they would be installing it on Monday."

"OK," Eve said, "all that is left is for you two to pack your things, me to get you bedding and towels and to do some shopping for the first few days there. We can pack the car tomorrow morning and I will take you. Agreed?"

"Yes mum, that would be a great idea," they both said. "Then we can be there when they come to install the internet and tell them where to put the sockets."

The next day they were all up early to load the car with all their luggage, bedding and towels and after a quick breakfast they prepared to set off.

"Dad, arenÔÇÖt you coming with us?" Paul asked.

"No thanks, I have a lot to do here and I am sure you can deal with any repairs that need to be done. You have a good pair of hands," Adam replied. "Did you remember to load the spare tool case I prepared for you?

"Ah! No! Thanks for reminding me dad!" and Paul ran out to add the tool case to everything else in the boot of the car.

"Leave the washing to me" Adam said "and off you go. You will have a long weekend, if I know your mother, with all the cleaning you will have to do. See you tomorrow evening my dear." With that, Eve and Adam exchanged a quick kiss.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:25 pm

A few hours later they arrived. What they found was a semi-detached country style farm workers cottage on a longish drive from the main road surrounded by orchards. It was hard to say from the front how large the place was as all they saw were the two front doors with windows either side and on the second floor much the same with a small frosted window above the front door. It looked like a classic two up two down style cottage.

"Somehow this is not quite how I remember the place," said Eve.

"When were you here?" asked Sue.

"The last time I was here was when you two were very small and you stayed with Aunt Maud while your father and I were away for about two weeks," she replied.

"I vaguely remember that," Sue said. "We had a great time here. I can't see the garden or river we used to play in. Why did we never return again? It is obvious that Aunt Maud carried on living here."

"Ah, well, maybe I will tell you two later this evening after we have tidied up the house a bit and got it ready for you. We need to go in and see what work has to be done. Who has the key and which side is it?"

"I have and it's the left hand side." Paul said. "LetÔÇÖs go in!"

He walked forward, pulled the key from his pocket, unlocked the door and in they went. The first thing that hit them was the stuffy smell from the cottage not having been aired for quite a long time.

"Right, first things first, open all the windows and let's blow the cobwebs out!" Eve said. With that they all went in and opened the windows. Eve went straight to the kitchen and opened the back door which opened out onto the small back garden they had seen from the drive on the way in to the front door. "Don't forget the windows in the rooms upstairs!" she reminded them and Paul ran up to open them.

"OK, it's not so bad. Hang you coats in the small cloakroom by the front door. We will get the cleaning stuff in and get started!" Eve said, and with that they started working.

About three o'clock Eve asked Paul to help her bring in the bedding and their bags so she could go and get some food to put in the fridge to get them started and also to prepare for the evening meal. She had already seen that the kitchen had all the basic equipment they would need. She did not think they would be doing any cordon bleu cooking while they were at university, at least for the first year.

About eight they decided to call it a day and sit down for their first meal. Eve had prepared something quick and easy and they sat at the table in the back garden. It was obvious they were hungry as the food was very quickly finished and Paul took away the dirty dishes and made the coffee to go with the cake their mother had bought.

"OK mum, spill the beans" Sue said "why did we never come back here to visit. I have only good memories from here, not that I remember much, just playing in a large garden and splashing in a river, neither of which I can see at the moment."

"You are sitting in a garden, are you sure it wasn't this one? Maybe you have memories from another place" Paul interrupted. "Also looking at this cottage it is not that big. Also the garden is quite small and surrounded by high hedges on two sides. Only the left hand side towards some orchards and the road was open."

"Calm down you two, I will tell you." She started "but first of all I need to tell you about some trouble we had many years ago. As you already know Paul, I used to go swimming at the YWCA where, and as you so astutely worked it out, we used to swim without bathing suits. What you don't know is that your father also used to go and swim at the YMCA, same rules, no swim suits."

"And he has the audacity to tell me that I have to be dressed at all times."

"Paul, calm down," Sue said, "I am sure we will get an explanation we will just have to wait and let mum tell us in her own way."

"Thank you Sue, and yes I will tell you all and I hope you will understand." Eve continued, "As I started we both used to go for swims, but at your father's first place of work his immediate boss started laughing at him for letting me go to swim at the YWCA without a swim suit. In the end it was impossible to continue working there and he left. Eventually he found where he is working now and we both decided that we would have to give up our swims at the Y to ensure that we did not have any more problems along this line."

"But mum," Paul started, "things have changed a lot since then. There are naturist beaches and naturist swims all over the country. It is not the same as it was then."

"You are right Paul, but your father was scarred very badly from his experience and does not wish that to happen again. I supported him then and I support him now. Please do not push this subject when we are at home. This is going to be your place, at least for the moment, so you can do here as you wish."

"Mum, thanks for the explanation and we will respect your request, won't we Paul?" Sue concluded

"Yes we will," said Paul "even if I think it is stupid. HereÔÇÖs another question. Why don't you use the ÔÇÿnÔÇÖ word? Does dad know you have told us about his experience and don't you miss the swims at the Y?"

"That is three questions, which one do you want me to answer first?"

"Doesn't matter, you choose."

"First of all, your father knows I am telling you, we agreed that bonfire night when you left your clothes on the kitchen floor. We knew it was only a case of when was the best opportunity to tell you both. Secondly, the ÔÇÿnÔÇÖ word as you so quaintly put it. We stopped using it at the time of the trouble he had at work as a way to ensure we did not blurt out anything, and we have got into the habit since then. Thirdly, yes I do miss the swims, but for your father's peace of mind I am willing to. I suspect that he also misses his swims, but you are not to ask him, is that clear?"

"Yes mum," they both answered.

"Alright mum, now that you are in the story telling mood, remind us of our stay here and more important why we never came back." Sue asked eagerly.

"I have opened a can of worms haven't I?" Eve continued. "Well, when you were both very young, about three years old, your father and I decided to go on a short holiday just the two of us, and we had to find a solution for you two. Well your Aunt Maud offered to help and you stayed with her, at this cottage, for the week or so we were on holiday. On our return we picked you up and on the journey home we asked you how it was and you told us about swimming in the river and running in the garden air drying. The next day your father phoned Aunt Maud and asked her about it. When he realised that you swam without clothes and air drying was, well running around without any clothes on he got really mad and swore that we would never come here again. I also spoke with your Aunt Maud later and explained to her where it came from. She apologized as she did not know it was such a touchy subject, even with little children. Believe me, you two receiving this house from her was a great surprise to us."

"And you didn't speak with Aunt Maud ever again?" Sue asked.

"No that is not true, I spoke quite a bit with Aunt Maud on the phone and she always asked about you two and what you were doing. She also kept asking me about how your father's work problem was getting on, and before you ask she meant the bullying by your father's old boss. Now I think that is enough for today we should get an early night as there is quite a bit of work for tomorrow and I have a long drive ahead of me. We also need to wash the dishes from supper.

"Mum, leave them till the morning," Paul said. "I will do them when I wake up."

"No, listen to experience, do them straight away and it will be much easier. Tomorrow morning they will have dried and it will be hard to clean, and as you have volunteered Paul we will clear the table and dry the dishes after. Have you two decided who will have which bedroom?"

"Me and my big mouth! We haven't decided yet who will have which room, but you two sleep up there tonight and I will sleep on the sofa here," Paul said. With that they quickly tidied up and settled down to sleep.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:30 pm

After a good night's sleep Eve got up, dressed and went down to get the breakfast ready. ÔÇ£The children are probably still asleep,ÔÇØ she thought. On the way down the stairs there was the smell of fresh coffee and toast. She entered the kitchen but did not see anyone there. She then saw that the door to the back garden was open and the sunshine was pouring in, so she stepped out.

"Good morning mum, you have finally got up then" Paul said "We didn't want to make too much noise so we decided to sit out here and enjoy the morning sun, probably the last time this year with winter coming on."

Eve's mouth dropped open and she could not say anything.

"Sit down mum and I will bring you coffee and toast to put in your open mouth," said Sue, getting up.

"But, but ." Eve started not knowing what to say. "Paul you are not wearing any clothes!"

"Very observant mum" Paul noted "and why don't you use the 'n' word?"

".. and Sue, you are not wearing much more," she completed.

"And mum, you are a little over dressed for the occasion," Sue continued. "It's not like that it is something you haven't seen before. Come and sit down and eat your breakfast, do you want an egg with your toast and coffee, it's fresh."

"Soft boiled egg, and I want Marmite soldiers with it," Eve said.

"Where's the Marmite? We didn't bring any with us from home."

"I saw some in the larder, probably left over from Aunt Maud. It'll be fine, Marmite keeps well."

"OK, no problem. To be honest we were quite relieved when we found out dad was not coming with us." And with that Sue went in to bring her mother breakfast and more coffee for herself and Paul.

Eve sat down and accepted the breakfast Sue brought for her. After she started eating and had calmed down a bit she asked "So what is it with this striptease show?"

"Mum we are still wearing our pyjamas," Sue said. "PaulÔÇÖs in his summer pyjamas and IÔÇÖm in my winter ones. It seemed such a shame to be overdressed on a fine morning like this, probably the last one this autumn."

"ArenÔÇÖt you worried the neighbours might see you?" Eve continued.

"What neighbours?" they both replied.

"Look around. We are surrounded by orchards, farmland and the high hedge between us and the neighbours," Paul continued. "I agree, it is not perfect privacy but we can work on that over the winter. Come on mum, you know you want to join us."

"Well yes maybe I do, but it is far too exposed for me here like this," she said. "Also, as I told you yesterday, your father had a lot of trouble at work when we were younger and I do not wish to bring it up again. While we are talking, what do you mean 'you were relieved when that your father was not coming'?"

"Well we couldn't have sat out here enjoying the sun," Paul said, "and I don't have any other pyjamas!"

"True, true," Eve said, "but don't be too hard on him. Hopefully time will heal. Now there is still quite a bit to do, and we can't be sitting here naked all day. There I've said it."

"One more thing I can cross off my list!" Paul crowed.

"What list?" Eve asked.

"Never mind mum, I'll explain later," Sue said.

"Right then, I think we need to get to work. We can't be sunning ourselves all day! Paul I think it would be a good idea if you worked on the garden out here, look in that shed and see if there is a lawn mower, at least to give the grass a once over before the winter," Eve instructed.

With that they went in changed into work clothes and started. Paul went to the shed and started rooting about. Eventually he found the lawn mower and some fuel. He also saw that there were a few loose planks which would need fixing, eventually, nothing urgent. The garden was in quite good shape as if someone had been over during the summer and dealt with it. It certainly did not have six months of growth. He had only been working on the garden for a short time when Sue called out to him.

"Paul, I am going to the shops in town with mum to see if we can find a few things we need. Do you need anything while we are there?

"Yes please, fill up this can with petrol and bring me a box of 1› inch countersunk screws"

By the time they had returned Paul had finished the lawn, not that there was much of it, and also done a little cleaning up both in the garden and swept the leaves from the front.

"Paul, bring the tool box, I have some things for you to put up," Eve said.

"Ok, what do I need to put up?"

"Well first of all I think we need to change the light here in the kitchen and put in a fluorescent" she said

"Mum, I know how to drill holes and put up shelves and so forth, but I think the electrics should be done by an electrician. I will call Mr. Prichard tomorrow. Are there any shelves I need to put up?ÔÇØ

"I don't have any but Sue bought some weird things so go and see her."

"Sue, what have you bought?" Paul yelled worried that his sister had got some horrible pink thing to put up in the sitting room.

"Calm down, calm down," she said, appearing at the door holding two small buckets, "Just these,"

"And what are those for?" he asked, almost dreading for the answer. He could not think of anything normal to do with two plastic buckets which need hanging.

"The blue one is for your list and the red one for me to start one" she answered

"That list thing again! What is it with lists?" Eve spluttered

"Paul has a bucket list, so I thought I would get him a bucket to put it in," she answered laughing and saw that Paul had finally caught on, "and I have a picture frame I want him to put up later."

"OK sis, where do you want to put them?"

"Just a minute!" Eve continued, well at least tried to continue. "What is a list doing in a bucket?"

"Paul do you want to explain or should I?" asked Sue.

"No you go ahead sis, you're doing very well at confusing mum!"

"Well it's like this," Sue started "it is a list..."

"Yes but what is it doing in a bucket?" said Eve

"Mum calm down and let me finish the sentence. It is a list of things that people would like to do before they kick the bucket. That's correct isn't it Paul?" continued Sue.


"And on this list are all kinds of things some of them easy, some not so easy and others that might never happen. Paul told me about his list a few weeks ago when we were in Israel and how he had already crossed some things off it. Now I think he can cross off one more thing, Right."

"If it is what you are inferring to I am not too sure, it is close but not quite what I intended" Paul answered "but there is something else I can cross off"

"Just a minute" Eve interrupted "you write a list of tasks and then cross the tasks off it once you have done them? We do that all the time. What's the difference?"

"Mum this is not a list of things that need to be done for a project or whatever, it is a list of personal things which we would like to do at sometime in our life, a kind of wish list," Sue tried to explain.

"Mum, let me explain," Paul said. "In life there are all kinds of things we would like to do, go to university, get married, have kids and so on. This list is for the more unusual things which you would like to do and might or might not have a chance of doing in your lifetime, things like swimming the Channel, climbing Everest and so on. It is each personÔÇÖs personal wish list, it is dynamic and can have things added to it at any time. OK?"

"OK I get the list thing" said Eve "but what are the buckets for?"

"Oh. I thought if we are to have bucket lists, why not keep them in a bucket?" concluded Sue, smiling.

"What do you mean to say you are actually starting one Sue? Congratulations!" said Paul. "Where did you want to put the buckets?"

"I thought on the back wall of the cloakroom/cupboard by the front door. It looks like an unfinished cupboard, but isn't" she replied "and what did you cross off your list this morning?

"Getting mum to say the 'n' word, it finally happened this morning" he said smiling "but I think getting dad to say it is going to be a whole different kettle of fish."

"OK, I will go and look and see what I have to do to hang them there" and with that Paul went to the cloakroom to see what needed be done. The so called cloakroom was an unusual feature by the front door that gave the impression there should have been a cupboard there but it was clear it was not, as if there had at one time been a hall cupboard there but all that was left was the back wall, which molded in perfectly with the rest of the wall, and the pillars which would have formed the cloakroom. The pillars were also out of place, much too grand for a cupboard more like the entrance to a house. Never mind he thought perhaps we can remove them at a later date and put in a sideboard the whole length of the wall to keep stuff in. On the other hand just hanging the buckets there might improve the look, but more suitable hooks would be required so as not to spoil the ambiance, better looking buckets would also be an idea.

"Hey sis, can you come here?" he called out

Sue and her mother both went to see what the trouble was "What's up?" she asked

"I would suggest that the buckets be hung here" he replied "it is just that I think we need hooks more in keeping with the style here, and also different buckets, these plastic ones don't look quite right!"

"Well we haven't got time today for another trip into town, so what do you suggest?"

"I will go into town tomorrow and get suitable brackets and buckets. Do you trust me?"

"Yes, no problem."

"Did you get the screws I asked for" Paul said

"No, there was such a large selection we did not know which ones to get. What do you need the screws for?"

"There are a few boards loose in the shed and I want to screw them into place before the winter starts. I will get them tomorrow as well."

They continued to clean the house and within the hour had completed everything. They sat for an early lunch and then Eve packed the car with her things and she returned home leaving Paul and Sue in their new place ready for life at university. She was glad that they had a good place to live while at university, not just any place, and they would support each other during their first steps away from home. On the journey home she started thinking about what Sue and Paul had told her about the bucket list and decided to start one of her own, well why not. When she arrived home she phoned Paul and asked him to get an extra bucket for her and hang it with theirs.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:32 pm

The next day Paul went into town to get the hooks, buckets and screws he need while Sue waited at the house for the internet people to come and put in the internet connection. When he returned home he saw that Sue was very excited, they had put in broadband wireless internet and supplied two modems for their computers. "Isn't this great Paul, we will be able to work on our computers no matter where we are in the house". This was definitely a top of the line installation and much more than they would have been able to pay for by themselves.

For the next few months both Paul and Sue were fully occupied with studies and making new friends at university. They also managed to find a naturist swim not too far away and joined in the activities there. This swim also had an active youngsters section and very soon they had made friends there.

At the end of the first trimester Eve drove up to give Paul and Sue a lift home for the Christmas break. She had also been thinking quite a bit about the bucket list idea her children had mentioned only a few months earlier. She knocked on the door and it was opened by Paul. "You're dressed" she said as she entered the house.

"Mum, it's winter but come in just the same," Paul answered. "Sue is in the kitchen we have got a light lunch ready. We are trying not to leave any food which might spoil here"

"Hello Sue." Eve said on entering the kitchen "Where is the bucket I asked you to prepare for me?"

"I don't believe this" Sue said "you have actually made a list. Can I ask you what is on it?"

"Do I have to tell you?

"No, and we won't peek either. Your bucket is in the cloakroom besides ours, let's go and place your list in the bucket" and with that they all went to the cloakroom and Eve placed her list in the bucket. "OK mum, I promise we will not peek and you can add to your list any time you want and when you do something from it you cross it off. But why didn't you leave your list at home where it would be more convenient?"

"A number of reasons, maybe I will tell you them sometime, but since you two have got buckets here for your lists what is one more?"

"Fine mum, now let's go eat something." With that they sat down for a quick light meal.

"Sue, Paul, there is one favour I would like to ask both of you." Eve asked when they had finished eating and were preparing the coffee. "I would like to join you when you go for your next swim"

"You do realise that it is a naturist swim?" Paul asked

"Of course, otherwise why would I ask?"

"How long have you known?" Sue blurted out

"Almost from the beginning, you can't return from a swim with dry swim suits! I assume you are still going to swims here?"

"You can go to a swim much closer to home, why here?" Paul asked

"You remember I told you about the trouble your father had when he was working at one place?" Eve continued "Well I do not want to put him in a situation where someone will recognise me and mention it to him. Apart from that I really do miss swimming without a costume."

"OK mum, we won't tell dad" Sue said "and by chance there is a swim just before we return to university next term so we can come here earlier and go to the swim. You can return home the next day after staying here overnight. Paul, call Fred and clear it with him."

"Fred, who's Fred?" Eve asked, somewhat worried that her secret was being told to all and sundry.

"Fred is the swim organiser," Paul answered. "I just want to check there is nothing special on and that it is OK to bring a guest. No names, promise." And with that he went off to make the phone call.

Sue and Eve cleared the table and they prepared themselves for the journey home.

"All clear, there is nothing special on and you can come." Paul said after he had finished his phone call "We will supply you with the towels so you will not have to bring any from home."

With that Paul, Sue and Eve put the last pieces in the car and they travelled home for the Christmas break.

In the New Year Eve brought Sue and Paul back to their place. They unloaded the supplies they had brought with them, grabbed a few towels and went off to the swim.

The next morning after the swim they all sat around the breakfast table and discussed the previous evening.

"Well, mum," Paul started. "How was it?"

"I really enjoyed myself and thank you for taking me. Now I can cross something off my bucket list!"

"Good for you mum!" Sue replied "At the swim I saw that you made friends with someone and you were both in deep conversation for quite a while. Who was it?"

"Paul, if you don't mind I would like to talk with your sister," Eve said.

"And what am I supposed to do?"

"Go and fix the shed" Sue said "you have been threatening to do it for such a long time."

"OK, I get the hint" and with that he collected his tool case, put on a jacket and went out to repair the shed.

After Paul went out Sue looked at her mother and asked "OK, what do you want to tell me that Paul can't hear? You haven't got a lover have you?"

"Don't be so silly" Eve answered "my only lover is your father and I do not wish to hurt him. It is like this..." and Eve took a deep breath

"Just a minute mum" Sue said realising that her mother was in some kind of trouble "I will get us a fresh cup of coffee"

The coffee came and Eve continued "The person you saw me talking to yesterday was Muriel Montague"

Sue looked blank

"Your father's boss's wife"

It suddenly sank in to Sue what had happened "Oh mum, we are so sorry we did not know she was a member and did not wish to put you in this situation."

"She is not a member, her cousin lives nearby and when she comes to visit she goes to the swim. Anyway she saw me first and came over. Probably better than if I had seen her first, I might have made a run for it. We talked. She said that she did not know I also went to the swims "

"Mum, say the word, it is not going to bite."

"Alright naturist swims, better?"

"Of course it is. That's what they are."

"Well, where was I? Ah yes, she said she did not know I went to naturist swims, and how did I find it?"

"And how did you find it?"

"Intimidating at first but after a few laps it was back to the days I went to the YWCA. Anyway we had a long talk and in the end I told her about what had happened to your father at his first place of work and I begged her not to tell her husband and that it should not get back to your father that I was at a naturist swim. She agreed, even though she did not think I was thinking straight. She told me that many people from all walks of life went to naturist swims and nothing happened because it was nobody else's business. What happened to your father should not have happened, but it was many years ago when people were less open."

"So how do you feel about it?"

"Relieved, it went off very nicely. I want to go with you two again say when I collect you for the Easter break. Is there a swim then?"

"Probably, I can send you the dates."

"Good then I can call Muriel, we promised each other to meet again at a swim"

"Good on you, mum, now we only have to work on dad!"

"Hey sis!" Paul called out from inside the house "We will have to move the hooks and buckets we hung in the cloakroom"

"Why, what's wrong with where they are?"

"They're blocking a door!"

"Which door? We hung them on the wall at the back of the cloakroom."

"The door to the neighbour's house!"
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

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As soon as they heard that Eve and Sue looked at each other, their mouths open with surprise and they both ran out of the kitchen into the cloakroom to see. They looked at what they had all thought was a cloakroom and they could clearly see that the back panel was a door. Going through the door they stepped into a room which had many lockers and hooks like in a changing room. By the other door to this room there was a small table with a pile of small towels on it. Passing through the second door they came out onto the entrance by the front door to the other house. They walked across the entrance into a large area which opened out onto a large patio and garden. As soon as Eve took one look at this she knew where they were; the large garden with the river at the bottom where the children used to swim when they were small.

"Hey mum" Sue said "this looks very familiar"

"Of course it is, when you two were small and stayed with Aunt Maud this is the garden where you used to play and air dry in, and that at the end is the river you used to swim in."

"I always thought the house didn't look right with such a small back garden!" Paul exclaimed "Here is the rest of it!"

"Alright you two" Eve continued "I suggest we go inside where it is warmer, have a coffee and work out what we have here. Explore later." With that they all went in, closed the back door, crossed the landing, through the cloakrooms, and into the kitchen. Eve signalled to two excited children to sit down while she made the coffee. "I have also added a shot to each one" she said as she joined them at the table with the coffees.

Great, awesome, unbelievable, I'm in a dream, I'm moving into that half of the house were only some of the very short sentences thrown about by the two children.

"Will you two please calm down" said Eve trying to interrupt "I do not want to put any dampers on your plans, but I suggest we check first with Mr. Prichard that you are legally allowed to enter that half of the house. Paul I suggest you call him first thing tomorrow morning."

Sue was unable to calm down and started firing off one question after another "Why shouldn't we have legal permission to enter? Paul how did you find it? What are those towels on the table? When can I move my stuff in? Can we open the door from this side?"

"Sue, calm down" Eve said trying to calm her daughter "I don't know which question you want me to answer first but I will start with the legal side of it. You two were given the keys to the house for your use but you were not told of the second half, or even how to get there. Maybe you are not supposed to use it. Have you even seen your neighbours? Where are they?"

"But mum," Sue started again, "who else is going to use it. It hasn't been lived in for so long and besides that we didn't hear or see any neighbours."

"Sue, I suspect that you are supposed to use it, but a phone call will not go amiss, just to make sure. I also think that I am now beginning to understand one of the conditions made."

"Which one was that, mum?" Paul asked.

"For use in the manner it was designed for"

"I still don't understand."

"Well it is something like this" Eve started "Your old Aunt Maud was something of a free spirit and did not do things as society expected. In the 30's there started a movement of free living in this country based on the FKK from Germany"

"The FK what?" they both asked

"The FKK, Freik├Ârperkultur, you both have computers, Google it later. Now let me get on with the story." Eve said, a little exasperated at all the interruptions. "Where was I, ah yes, FKK. Well old Aunt Maud adopted some of the ideas of the FKK, but being in a society which was not so free and accepting of different things she had to do it in private, which explains this house. The left hand side, the public house, is as society expects and the right hand side, the private house, is FKK. In the right hand side of the house she could live her life free and undressed with no prying neighbours. When you two came to visit you lived in that part of the house but for the rest of the family it was the public part only. I had been to the private part of the house before when I was a child, but completely forgot about it, what with the problems your father had at work. Also it is considered correct by naturists to sit on a towel and not directly on the seats, so there are a pile of them to be used by the guests. Those there will have to be laundered before they are used. All clear?"

"So what is it with the condition?" Sue asked

"Sue, please! Don't be so opaque!" Paul said "It means we can live a naturist life in private, but when we have guests we will use the public half only."

"Oh yes, now I get it" Sue suddenly said with her eyes wide open "And what if we have guests who are also naturists?"

"Then you will entertain them in the private half" both Paul and his mother said.

"Once you have spoken with Mr. Prichard and got his approval you will both have a lot of work to clean the private half before you move in." Eve said "In the meantime I have got to be getting home. Keep me updated Paul" and with that she collected her stuff and took it out to her car.

Once their mother had left Sue turned to Paul and reminded him "You still haven't told me how you found the other half of the house"

"Well it's like this" Paul started.

"The shortened version please."

"I removed a couple of the planks in the shed to drill them and fix properly when I saw it was open onto the neighbour's back garden. I found a way into the other half of the house and after a little exploring found the door which opened into our half of the house. Easy, OK?"

"OK. But how do we open the door from this side?" she asked.

"We will have to hunt for the handle or trigger which opens it, unless we are told by Mr. Prichard tomorrow. In the meantime I suggest we leave it open. I have got to finish repairing the shed."

"Yes, but how will we get in to the other half if the door closes by itself after you have repaired the shed?"

"I'll repair the shed in such a way that I can open it easily and get through." With that Paul went out to the shed and Sue decided to go and explore.

The next morning Paul made the phone call.

"Good morning, this is Paul Wilson speaking. I would like to speak with Mr. Prichard please"


"We spoke with him in your office last October. I think it is the younger Mr. Prichard."


"He's not in this week, I see."


"Yes I believe the elder Mr. Pritchard may also be able to help us."


"Yes, I will hold"


"Good morning Mr. Pritchard"


"Yes, thank you very much we are enjoying the place. I have a question and my mother said we should ask you first"


"Yesterday I found a second half to the house, quite by mistake I should add. I also found a door which connects the two halves inside the house."


"Oh, thank you. My question is, are we allowed to use the other half of the house or are we limited to the half we are using now?"


"Thank you very much!"


"We think we are beginning to understand that condition, especially when our mother explained the significance of the connecting room."


"Do you know how the door at the back of the cloakroom is opened from the half of the house we are presently using?"


"Thank you for the information. We promise to look after the place and use it as that condition requires."


"Good bye." And with that he put the phone down and called out to Sue "We can use the other half! Now let's start exploring and cleaning. Bring those towels here and we can throw them in the wash. I'm going to call mum first and let her know." With that he called their mother and let her know what he had been told by Mr. Pritchard and that they were going to start exploring and cleaning.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

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Slowly over the winter months between studies they explored the other half of the house and slowly cleaned it for use. Upstairs there were four bedrooms, and downstairs there was a large open plan kitchen/dining room, much better that the small one they had in the house they had used up to now, and a large very comfortable sitting room. This part of the house was also very well insulated indicating it was designed with naturist living in mind. The first rooms they cleaned were two bedrooms, one each for Paul and Sue, and then they started on the downstairs. The kitchen was a much bigger job than they thought and it took them quite a time to complete it. Eventually they succeeded and it was then they realised the full advantage of the wireless internet that had been installed and the position of the transmitter. It was clear that the installation company had received very specific instructions from the solicitors. Before their mother came to visit towards the end of the term they also managed to clean one other bedroom, there was no way they were going to let their mother sleep in the public half any more, or Paul sleep on the sofa. Quiet breakfasts would be possible on the back patio, once the weather had warmed up a bit, in their summer pyjamas.

Eve arrived and following a coffee in the public kitchen she was shown around the private half of the house. She noted that the twins had a pile of clean towels in the changing room, the bedrooms had been carefully cleaned and the downstairs rooms were tidy. She liked the large open plan kitchen and saw that there were towels on various chairs in the dining room. She also looked out of the back windows at the patio and noted it was walled on both sides and the bedrooms above gave it a roof. That should be quite warm most of the year she thought, all it will need are a pair of space heaters.

"All right you two, which is my bedroom?"

"Which one do you want, mum?"

"The clean one you two are not using! I am not going to sleep in the other half of the house. Now, have you solved the problem of opening the door from the other half of the house?"

"No not yet" Paul answered "When we have guests over we close the door and I go through the shed later to open it from the inside. We have found what looks like two switches on the outer posts but they do not seem to be working"

"Alright, show me. Perhaps I can remember something from my few visits here to Aunt Maud." And with that they all returned to the cloakroom in the public half of the house. Eve was shown the two switches they had found and after a little thought she asked them "Where is the curtain rail that should be here?"

"What curtain rail?"

"The one that goes through these two rings that you think are switches. I seem to remember that there was a curtain here. I am beginning to wonder if it was to hide this door from the front door. Never mind bring me a broom for the moment."

"What? You want to hang a curtain on a broom?" Sue laughed "Now that is the height of classy soft furnishings."

"Enough of your cheek young girl go and get a broom!"

Sue ran off and brought back a broom. Eve thread it through the two rings and gently tugged on it. She heard a quiet click.

"Sue, go inside and close the door"

Sue entered and closed the door.

"So mum, these are not switches but curtain rail rings?"

"No Paul, these are the switches, but you need to pull them together? And with that she gently pulled down on the broom and the door popped open. "You can come out now, Sue."

"How did you do that?" Sue said

"As I explained to Paul both these switches need to be operated together and that was what the curtain rail was for. Are you sure there was not one here? Never mind, we will get a new one tomorrow, in the meantime leave the broom here. Now we have some time to clean the last bedroom and then go to the swim. Have you asked if I can come?"

"Of course mum. Fred said you can come any time with us without checking earlier."

"Good, I have arranged with Muriel to meet her there."

A few hours later after the last bedroom in the back half of the house had been cleaned Eve was relaxing in the Jacuzzi at the swim talking with Muriel. They were talking about a number of things when Eve called out to Sue as she passed "Sue, when you and Paul have a little time Muriel would like to ask you both something."

"OK mum, I'll tell him and we'll come."

About twenty minutes later Paul and Sue found their mother and Muriel still in the Jacuzzi.

"Hi mum, still taking it easy in the whirl pool? It's not good to be too long in there," Sue jokingly said. "Good evening, Mrs. Montague. What was it you wanted to ask us?

"Please, please call me Muriel, this is not school or work. I heard from your mother that you are staying at Maud Lewis's old place."

"Err, yes," she replied, looking at her mother wondering what she had been saying.

"Well it's like this. I knew Maud from long ago at college and wondered if I may come over to visit the old place. Unfortunately I have only been there a few times, although we talked a lot by phone."

Paul and Sue looked at each other wondering how to reply, not wishing to spoil their mother's entry into naturalist activities but could not see any reason to say no. "Of course," Sue replied. "When would you like to come?"

"Well if it is not too much of an imposition I would like to come tomorrow, about ten thirty, before I have to drive home. It will also give you youngsters a chance to get up"

Sue blushed "Thanks very much. We will have the kettle on and be pleased to see you then."

With that the twins ran off to be with their friends and left their mother with Muriel.

The journey home in the car after the swim was a little tense. After arriving they all went into the kitchen for a drink before bed.

"All right you two, what's this with the silent treatment?"

"What silent treatment?"

"Usually in the car you two don't stop talking, but today it was like a Trappist monastery"

"Well mum," Sue blurted out, "what did you tell Mrs. Montague? Did you blab to her that we live a naturist life and have another half to the house?"

"Sue, really, is that what you think? Well you are mistaken! I did not tell her you live a naturist life for one it is none of her business and secondly I did not know! Also all I said was that you are living in Aunt Maud's house with no more explanations. Do you really want to know what we talked about or do you just want to be angry with me?"

"Sorry mum, you are perfectly correct, of course we know you would not just tell other people stuff about us. We, well I, just jumped to conclusions, and yes please, I, and I think Paul also" Sue said looking towards her brother who just nodded "would like to know what you were talking about, at least the relevant parts referring to her wanting to come to the house."

"Apologies accepted. We got to talking about numerous subjects and at one point she asked me how it was we came to that particular swim, especially as we did not live in the area. I explained that you two were at university here and lived not too far away at the house Aunt Maud had left you. Apparently she had known Aunt Maud at collage and asked if it would be possible to come and see her old house. I explained that we would have to ask you two and we did. I did not say nor did we discuss anything more about the house, exactly where you lived or your lifestyle. It seemed to me that as soon as she had your permission to come and visit she changed the subject to other things. Alright?"

"Yes mum, thanks very much and I am sorry for my outburst."

"It's quite understandable, but next time, ask first and be angry later. In the meantime I suggest we get off to bed so we can get up relatively early, have a peaceful breakfast and then get ready for Muriel's visit in the other half of the house." And with that they washed the coffee cups and went to bed.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:40 pm

The next morning Paul and Sue were up first and had already prepared the breakfast by the time their mother came down.

"Good morning mum. I see you've got your summer pyjamas on," quipped Paul.

"Cheeky boy. Why are we eating here, I would like it on the patio."

"My, arenÔÇÖt we adventurous. Won't it be too cold?"

"I am not sure; it looks quite sheltered from the wind. If it is we can always come back in."

They all trouped out to the back patio, Sue put a table cloth on the table and cushions and towels on the chairs and they sat down to a quick breakfast.

"If you had some space heaters you could use this patio much more. We will get some later when we go into town for the curtain rail."

Well it was really a little too chilly for the naturist breakfast so they quickly finished, returned inside and started to get ready for Muriel's visit. They tidied up the public part of the house, got dressed and closed the door into the private half, remembering to put the broom back in the kitchen by the pantry so it would not be too obvious, put the kettle on and waited for Muriel to arrive.

They had just sat down when Muriel arrived just before ten thirty. They went out to greet her.

"Yes, this is as I remember the house" she said "You will have a fine display of roses when the summer comes but they need a little pruning to improve them. I can give you the number of a good gardener who I know can help you."

That's the last thing we need Sue thought strangers around the house, who does she think she is? But Sue kept her thoughts to herself and only replied "Thank you Mrs. Montague"

"No, no, please call me Muriel. As I said yesterday, I am not your teacher or boss."

"Sorry Muriel, I forgot. Shall we go in?"

Paul and Sue led Muriel and their mother into the kitchen for the coffee.

Muriel took one look as to where they were going.

"This is very nice but I was hoping to have coffee on the patio"

"Well we can but it will be a little cold out there" Sue said changing direction and opening the door to the little back garden "We haven't tidied up here yet. We were going to wait until it was a little warmer."

"Thank you my dear, Sue isn't it, but I meant the other back patio. I think it will be warm enough there."

At this point Paul decided he had to butt in and act dumb, his sister was not so good at that.

"Back patio, Muriel? What back patio? This is the only one we know."

"All right, Paul, I'll go and get the key. Wait a minute."

Muriel went out to her car, opened the boot, took out a curtain rail, returned to the house turned straight into the cloakroom by the front door and put it through the rings and opened the door into the private part of the house.

"Shall we enter?" she asked "Oh and by the way, I suggest you find another place to put your buckets; here it is a little too open to prying eyes."

Paul, Sue and their mother looked on flabbergasted as to what was happening. All they could do was to follow her.

"Do you mind if I use my usual locker?" she asked, starting to undress.

"Err, yes, of course," Paul stuttered. "How did you know how to open the door?"

"Close your mouths otherwise you will catch flies, and come on in. We will meet in the kitchen and I will explain everything to you."

Eve, Paul and Sue ran to their rooms, undressed and went down to the private kitchen where they saw Muriel had already arrived with a towel from the tables in the changing room in her hand and had put the kettle on. It was obvious she understood naturist etiquette.

"Come on now, set the table on the patio and all will be explained. Paul you will find some space heaters in the shed please go and get them."

Muriel had obviously taken charge and everyone was running around doing as she said. Eventually everything was set. Paul had found the space heaters, brought them to the patio and lit them up. Within minutes it was warm and very comfortable and everyone was sitting waiting for Muriel's explanation.

"Well drink up before the coffee gets cold."

"But we all want to hear your explanation," Paul noted.

"Yes I know, so here goes. I did know your Aunt, even though I only visited her here a couple of times. In her last few days she told me she wanted to be buried wrapped only in the curtain that used to hang in front of the door. I also thought it would be a good idea to close up the private half of the house and take the key with me. I had no idea what she intended to do with the house. Later when I heard that you had found the private half to the house but did not know how to open it from the other side we came to the conclusion that you needed to be given the key, but you will need to get a new curtain to hang there."

"We worked out yesterday how to open the door from the front. Who are ÔÇÿweÔÇÖ, who told you that we had found the other half of the house and why do we need a curtain?" Paul asked, before his sister said something.

"If you don't mind I'll answer the third question first. The curtain is useful as it hides the door into this half of the house and if it is not properly closed so it cannot be seen from the front door. Useful if you have to come and sign for something at the front door. As to the other two questions, I am not sure how much I can tell you. As I told you yesterday I first met your Aunt Maud at collage and we stayed friends after that. We were always in contact with each other by phone and towards the end of her life I visited her here. She showed me around the house and how to open the secret door. I had no idea what she intended to do with the house after her death and it was only later I learnt what she had done. I am glad to say that she made a good choice and that the house is 'being used in the manner it was designed for'. I do not think I can say much more than this at the moment."

"But you haven't told us anything really and you are also using that sentence without explaining it. Now we have more questions than answers," Paul snorted indignantly. "Apart from that, why should we move the buckets?"

"Paul you are right, but at the moment that is all I can say. I will get advice and then I will be able to give you more information. May I suggest that we meet again after the Easter break. As for the buckets, well I suppose they have lists of things you would like to do and I am not sure that the cloakroom in the other half of the house is the best place for them, it is too open to people who might not share your ideas on naturism. I should point out I did not peek even though I was tempted."

"Yes, yes of course," Sue replied. "We will find a better place for the buckets. Perhaps for our meeting after the Easter break you would like to stay here, after all you seem to know the place better than we do."

"Thank you very much, my dear, but it is a chance for me to meet my cousin. Maybe some other time. Now I must be off. I will give you the phone number of the gardener I mentioned. He can also help you with the back garden." With that Muriel wrote down the number on a piece of paper and went to get dressed before leaving. She was accompanied by Eve and left the twins on the patio.

"Eve, donÔÇÖt worry everything will turn out well. You have good children with a head on their shoulders and before you say anything I can understand why they were a little hostile to me, after all who needs an old foggie like me to come and tell them what to do and interfere with their life. They are only just getting their own life into shape and there is a lot for them to consider, especially the naturist lifestyle. Also, please think about the suggestion I made that you and your husband come to our holiday home on Lanzarote."

"Alright, I will. I'll call you when we will be returning here after Easter."

And with that Muriel got in her car and drove off.

In the meantime the twins were on the patio discussing what had just happened. Sue was declaring that she was not going to let a gardener come to the house and spoil their peace and quiet. Paul on the other hand was not so adamant. He was certain there was more to this gardener than they knew and suggested he called Mr. Prichard for advice, after all they were supposed to get permission before they made any contracts with builders and so on regarding any changes they wanted. Sue realised this was best, the garden really did need fixing and they knew nothing on the subject. Paul phoned the solicitor and discovered that not only was the gardener suitable, he was the same gardener their aunt had used and knew the rules of the house. It was obvious to all three of them that they were not going to get any more answers so they packed ready for the journey home for the Easter break. Paul made one more phone call to the gardener and arranged with him to come during the break when they were not there and deal with the garden. At least they would not have to get dressed while he dealt with the garden.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:44 pm

On their return after the Easter break they saw that the gardener had been. Not that they understood gardening but the roses in the front were tidy and trailing up the front of the house very nicely. Surprisingly they also noted that the back garden had been dealt with.

"Paul, did you give the gardener a key?" Sue asked, worrying that their private haven would be known to all.

"No, of course I didnÔÇÖt. I didnÔÇÖt even mention the back garden, only the front and the one at the back of the public half. I will go and check the shed and see if he got in through there." And with that he ran out to check the shed.

It had not been used to get through to the back garden. It was a mystery which would have to be dealt with later. In the meantime they had to unpack the car and get ready for the swim that evening. Hopefully Muriel would have some more answers for them.

That evening the three of them arrived at the swim and looked for Muriel but could not see her. They were hoping that she would turn up and not leave them in the dark about everything she had said, or rather, not said at their previous evening. The twins ran off and joined their friends while Eve went to soak in the Jacuzzi. Later on she called them over and told them that Muriel had sent her regrets that she was not able to come to the swim but would like to come over for coffee on the patio the next morning, about ten thirty, like last time. The twins had no objection, they wanted answers, so while they returned to their friends a little disappointed, Eve texted their reply to Muriel.

The next morning, unlike the previous time Muriel had come to visit, they set the table on the patio, leaving it more or less as it had been for their breakfast. The space heaters had also been on and it was now and warm, so warm that Paul extinguished all but one. Like the previous time Muriel arrived promptly at ten thirty, but this time, after she was met by Eve at the front door, she was escorted directly through the cloakroom and out onto the patio. It had been decided that Eve would meet her since she was not sure how much patience the twins would have and want the answers at the front door instead of in the comfort of the patio. Eve was sure that Muriel would only explain things when they were sat down over coffee on the patio.

After sipping at her coffee Muriel looked at the twins and started

"I can see that you two are anxious to receive answers so I will start, but please let me tell it in my way without interruptions."

The twins nodded.

"Muriel, before you start I think the twins have something they need to say" Eve said quickly, looking sternly at the twins.

"Yes" they both said, and Sue continued "We wish to apologise for the hostile reception we gave you on your last visit. It was uncalled for and we welcome you into our house"

"It is quite alright" Muriel answered "I can understand where it came from. If I was young like you two and someone unknown came to my new house full of advice, I might have reacted the same way. Oh and Eve, I also have something to tell you, so please no interruptions from you, either."

Eve, somewhat surprised, also nodded.

"When your Aunt Maud died no one knew if she had made a will or not, especially regarding this house which we knew was special to her. So to try and keep some of the privacy of this house and especially the private half, a small group of us came over, tidied up this half of the house and closed all the entrances to it. As I have told you before, she requested to be buried in the curtain from the public cloakroom and I took the key away with me. Later it became apparent to us that she had made a will with the majority of her estate going to family, but this house was put into a trust with very specific conditions attached to it. The solicitor who handled the will was instructed to form a trust committee and was given names of who could be on the committee. He contacted us one by one and built the committee. Only once the committee had been formed were we told of all the conditions of the will and what we were required to do. Your aunt had decided that she wished this house to be used as she did and it was up to us to examine the prospective candidates from the list she had compiled. You two were very close to the top of the list and once we had rejected the ones above you, you two were considered. Paul, the essay you wrote about two years ago on the fashion in The Garden of Eden impressed us as did the fact that you had both taken part in the Sauna when you were in Sweden and that you had joined the naturist swim close to home."

"Is nothing secret?" Paul exclaimed laughingly.

"Paul, I requested that you did not interfere."


"As we knew you two would be going to university in this area we decided that this would be a good chance to see how you two would react in the flesh so to speak. You were given the use of the house but with not too much information. The solicitors, who are also on the committee, were required to answer your questions in a yes and no fashion. Paul, after you found this half of the house and you asked if you could use it you received a yes answer, but when you asked about the way to open the door from the front you were told that they did not know. You also asked if nothing was secret, well as you no doubt suspect, we followed your actions here through your activities at the naturist swim and as soon as you asked if you could bring your mother I came as well as it was a chance to see how she was getting on with naturism. Oh, I do have a cousin close by and I stay with her. I can also tell you that I was the one who told the naturist swim close to your house to expect you, and that Mr. Parker is also on the committee."

Muriel took a deep breath and asked for a fresh cup of coffee. While Eve rushed off to make it around the table was deadly silent while the twins tried to make sense of what they had just heard. Eve returned with the coffee and Muriel continued.

"One of your aunt's worries was that this little haven would suffer if the surrounding orchards were sold off and houses built on them, so little by little she acquired all the orchards around the house and contracted with one of the farmers to look after them for her. In fact it is the income from these orchards that goes to the upkeep of this house. She also had a small group of like minded people who would do all the work required around the house. One more thing the committee has decided is that you need to have a party in the summer and both your parents are to be invited. It will be in the garden here and we will arrange for a decent size barbeque to be installed. Eve, please bring Adam along and also consider joining my husband and I at our place on Lanzarote. Questions?"

Every one jumped up to asked their question, but Muriel sat them down again.

"Not all together, so I think Eve you should ask first as I think yours needs answering first."

"Muriel, how do you expect me to get Adam to come here? He has categorically stated that he wants nothing to do with this house, and as for being in the back garden for a naturist barbeque, well forget it, it will not happen!"

"Eve calm down, leave the persuading up to us, or more specifically to my husband, Philip, he will come, all you have to do is drive. Don't worry it will all be alright. You do not have to tell him that it will be a naturist affair or that you and your children have a naturist lifestyle here. We will think of something and it will work. Leave the talking to us and just do the driving. Alright?"

Somewhat uneasily Eve nodded.

"Paul, your question."

"How are you going to get the barbeque into the back garden? Dragging it through the cloakrooms is not the way to do it. Where did you hear about the essay I wrote and who told you about our sauna experience in Sweden?"

"Sue, your question"

"How did the gardener get into the back garden? We did not give him a key and there are no other entrances as far as we know and I don't really want him wandering around while I am here."

"Sue, you need not worry. Jake, the gardener, is also a naturist and he likes to work here as he can do it 'au naturel'. There is a gate at the bottom of the garden from the orchard and he can get there with his truck and equipment to work on the back garden. I have a key to that gate, which I need to give you. That will also be the way the barbeque will come into the garden. Paul, it is quite possible that Jake will ask you for your help with that. Also, Paul, it would seem you were not listening closely, Mr. Parker, your form teacher who gave you the essay on fashion and the Garden of Eden, is also on the committee. As to the sauna lesson in Sweden, well you told everyone at the swim all about it. Now I think I need a rest."

Paul, a little embarrassed that he was not listening as closely as he should have done, thanked Muriel for her explanation and ran down to the end of the garden to look at the gate there. He was pleased to see that it was a solid gate in the surrounding fence and that there was no chance of peeking in.

Muriel knew she would need to talk with Eve separately, just the two of them, to calm her down and her worries about Adam.

The opportunity came a little later when Sue went to join Paul in exploring the garden and river at the end.

"Look Eve" Muriel started "I know where Adam's problem comes from. He told Maud many years ago and you also filled in a few gaps during our chats at the swim. Philip has an idea how to convince Adam that being a naturist is all right, despite the experience he had at that earlier work place."

"How do you know what happened to Adam all those years ago? After the event we agreed we would not tell anyone and cease to be naturists."

"We, and I mean just Philip and myself, have known for a long time but we also agreed not to bring it up as you two obviously did not want to. As I said, Adam had talked it over with Maud when it started to be a problem but she was not able to persuade him to ignore the taunts made at him. The result is the situation today. We still believe that Adam wants to return to naturism, as you and your children have, but he is too scared to do it."

"Please tell Philip not to mention to Adam that we have a naturist life here. I really do not want to hurt him or that he feels I am defying him."

"Don't worry, Philip knows the problems involved and has been thinking of a way to convince him. He is still doing some research, but I believe that he will be invited to come here for a firm's do. But it is important that you drive so he cannot escape on a whim."

"Oh all right, but I am still not completely comfortable with the situation"

"I can believe you, but we will be doing our utmost not to ruin things for you. We believe it will be a win-win situation. It will also help him to move up in the company, and I don't want it to sound like a bribe, because it is not. He will move up regardless of the outcome."

At this point they stopped their discussion as Paul and Sue returned.

"Hi mum, Muriel. We wanted to ask if there was a chance the committee would allow us to build a log burning sauna in the garden. We thought it would be nice and we could run to the river at the bottom to cool off"

"Mum, are you all right?" Sue asked. "You look a little worried. Is it about the barbeque we are supposed to be having and dad coming? If it is that stressful then perhaps we should cancel it."

"No, no, Sue, do not cancel the barbeque. I have been discussing the problem with Muriel and she assures me that it will be all right, even though I can't see it at the moment. We need to move on with our lives and perhaps exorcise the demons."

"That's the spirit, Eve," Muriel added. "You have a very thoughtful and considerate daughter and we will all help you and Adam to get through this part of your life. You two keep this under your hat and no loose talk at the swim. As for the sauna, I will bring it up with the committee and perhaps you will even have it in time for the barbeque. Now it is time for me to move. Look after yourselves, and Eve, it will be all right!"

Muriel left the table, got dressed and before she left took two things out of the car, the key to the gate between the orchard and the garden and a curtain to hang in front of the door to the private half of the house. This curtain was a copy of the original which the committee thought was best, in keeping of the style of the house, even though they were aware there would be changes now that Paul and Sue were making their mark.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:47 pm

Most of the last term of their first year was taken up with getting prepared for their various exams. Despite this they managed to fit in visits to the swim and various other activities with their new friends at university. Around the end of May the gardener spoke with Paul and Sue and said that for a short time it would be necessary to have some builders in to prepare concrete bases for a number of things requested by the committee and that he would deal with it. He would give them warning as to when it would happen, but in the long run it was only for a few days while they were at lectures. Paul and Sue looked at the size of the concrete that had been laid and wondered what size barbeque was being installed. In mid June the gardener asked Paul to help him to move in the barbeque, which Paul saw was not that big, but certainly enough for a good party. It was of a design which could either be run off bottled gas or with charcoal, and there was no need to fire up the whole thing if it was only a few friends coming over. There was also a pit alongside the barbeque which was for the making of fresh hot coals directly from wood.

A few days later a load of wood was delivered. Paul took one look at the pile of wood and wondered why they would need so much wood, how much food was being barbequed? And talking of barbeques, they did not really know how to do one. How much and which kind of meat was required and what else needed to be prepared. Sue was also a little worried about the barbeque party so she called Muriel.

"Hello Muriel, it's Sue"


"Well the barbeque has been delivered, and so has a huge pile of wood, but how much and what kind of meat should we buy?"


"Oh that is a relief. But what about the extras? I don't know: salads, pitta bread and so forth?"


"Thank you very much, so what do you expect of us?


"Oh all right then. We will see you at the party. Bye"

"Paul, where are you? I have just spoken with Muriel about the party that is being held here. All we have to do is tidy up the place and ensure there are enough tables and chairs for about ten to fifteen people. They are taking care of all the rest."

"That is good news. I was beginning to get a little worried. Tell me Sue, would you like to invite Jake to join us for the party?"

"Yes that is a good idea. He has done such a good job of looking after the garden and other things around here."

The barbeque was set for the first weekend in July after Paul and Sue had finished their first year at university.

A few days before the barbeque, Jake told Paul and Sue that a delivery was being made the next day and it would be a good idea they made themselves scarce for the day. By now Paul and Sue had got used to these suggestions and decided to go into town to look for little bits and pieces for the barbeque that coming weekend.

On their return they saw what looked like a shed with no window on the unused piece of concrete which had been laid in May. Further exploration was futile as the door was locked and a note on the door informed them that they had to wait until the weekend.

Come the weekend of the barbeque Paul and Sue got up early to tidy up the house and prepare the patio. Luckily for them the weather was warm and sunny. Jake also turned up quite early and went into the new shed. He was busy taking in lots of wood and very soon they saw that smoke was coming out of a pipe that was obviously a chimney. By now Paul and Sue had realised this was the wood fired sauna they had suggested earlier.

Slowly the guests started to arrive. They were all conversant with the layout of the house and each of them had brought supplies for the barbeque. Soon the kitchen was a hive of activity and the tables on the patio were filling up nicely. The only guests not there were Paul and Sue's parents and they were beginning to worry that their father had vetoed the journey. They were assured by Philip not to worry,

Eventually their parents arrived and Paul and Sue dressed and went out front to greet them. Not sure as to what they were supposed to do they went onto the public back garden for a coffee.

"Well, you two," their father started, "I can see that you have settled in nicely here. None of the weird shenanigans your Aunt Maud used to do."

The twins looked at each other not sure what they were supposed to say

"Just so you know, the only reason I am here is because I was told by Mr. Montague that this was to be a work's dinner and I was expected to come. So where is everyone? I don't see any preparations here. At least your neighbours seem to be having a good party. Perhaps we should join them?" he asked cynically.

The twins continued looking at each other still not knowing what to say, but smiled at their father's suggestion of joining the neighbour's party. If only he knew!

"Eve what do you know about this? Have I been brought here on false pretences? If that is the case, give me the keys to the car, I want to leave!"

Now even Eve did not know what they were supposed to do or say when a shout came over the fence.

"Paul, is that your parents? Bring them round."

"Somehow I don't think it is going to work." Paul shouted in reply.

"Alright then, wait there I am coming over"

At that moment Muriel came round, dressed, to greet them and she took Eve to get the salads out of the car and take them into the other half. Paul and Sue were still at a loss as to what they were to say when Philip turned up, also dressed.

"Ah, Adam I am glad to see you here."

"Mr. Montague, thank you for inviting us but what is this all about. I am not too comfortable being here in this house, and I do not see any company dinner here."

"Adam, please call me Philip, we are not at work now. Yes, you have been brought here a little under false pretences but this is basically a coming out party for your two children."

"A ÔÇÿcoming out partyÔÇÖ? Do you mean they are gay?"

"They might be very happy, and I am sure they are, but that is the limit of it, as far as I know. It is also a coming out party for you as well if you will join in. A group of good friends have decided that you should exorcise the demon within and return to your roots."

"What demon and what roots? I am not sure I like where this is going. Are you also suggesting that I am gay?"

"Please calm down, I am not suggesting you are, and if you were that is your business. I am referring to the hackling you used to get at your previous place of work from that Mr. Smyth-Jones, and basically your swims were none of his business. You need to return to your naturist roots. We know you used to go the YMCA to swim and that you obviously enjoyed it. Also when you were a youngster, or so Maud told us, it was impossible to keep you dressed."

"How do you know about Mr. Smyth-Jones? He ruined my life then."

"I have made some enquiries and he is no longer working there, in fact he was fired for bullying and as far as I am able to ascertain he is now in a very low paid job and just makes ends meet. That company is also very sorry that you left so suddenly and in fact were thinking of offering you his job, with serious possibilities of moving up."

"So I have been brought here on false pretences. As far as I know I have no demons to get rid off and I would like to return home now. Any way, whose fault is this entire event?"

"Well to a certain extent you are, but there are a lot of other people involved. If you want to blame the whole world go ahead. I know you want to return to your naturist swims but you do not have the courage to do it and are too scared what people would say. Well I have news for you ÔÇô no one cares!"

Philip looked sternly at Adam and the twins were trying not to look too surprised but were having a hard job of doing it. They did not want to get into an argument with their father and did not want to cause trouble for their mother.

"Mr. Montague, I do not like being forced to come here and I would like the keys to the car. Please ask Eve to bring them to me."

"Adam, it is still Philip, and I am now going to join the party and take your two children with me. If you want the keys you will have to come and get them yourself. In the meantime I suggest you calm down, no one wants to hurt you, only help. I'll be back in a while to see what you have decided."

With that Philip got up and took the twins into the other half of the house before they fully realised what had happened and could possibly object, carefully closing the joining door as they went through.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 2 - Coming Out)

Postby cony on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:50 pm

As soon as they appeared on the patio Eve ran to them to ask what was happening and where Adam was.

"Adam is debating with himself as to the best line he should take," replied Philip.

"I want to go to him now."

"No Eve, at this point in time he needs to think this through. I have seen how he does this at work and he will make the right decision. In the meantime come and sit with us; and you two," he said looking at the twins, "go and enjoy the sauna. Your father will join us. I will go and see him in about twenty minutes."

Not being given any choice, Eve sat down with Philip and Muriel and they kept her occupied to take her mind off what Adam must be going through. Paul and Sue went off the try out the new sauna.

After twenty minutes Philip returned to Adam in the public half of the house. This time, instead of being dressed, Philip wore only a towel.

"Well Adam what conclusions have you come to? Are you ready to join your namesake in the garden?"

"I have been thinking about everything you have told me, but I have a question or two, and what do you mean by joining my namesake?"

"Maybe you tell me your questions and I will try to answer as well as I can."

"After all these years when I have removed from my mind all thoughts of naturism and enforcing it on my family, how am I going to explain it to them? Also I am not sure that I am ready for such a big step in my life, what will happen if someone finds out and starts to laugh and make fun of me, or even worse of Eve, how can I protect her and the children?"

"Adam, you are ready, you just need to take the first small step. As to how you are going to explain it to your family, I think the easiest way will be to join them. They are already there, but so as not to harm you or go against your wishes they had to do it in secret. The twins are adults in their own right and can defend themselves and probably take on anyone who wants to make fun of you or Eve. Apart from that, there are a lot more people who are naturists than you know from all walks of life, if it does not interfere with their work it is of no concern to anyone else. There is nothing illegal in just being naked. There are many naturist swims and activities all over the country as well as the many naturist beaches. On the continent it is even more acceptable. I think you need to come with me to your coming out and embrace naturism."

"Alright, but you did not tell me what you meant by joining my namesake?"

"Ah, yes, sorry, Well Adam, to the best of my knowledge, you have not committed any sin so it is about time you joined your Eve in the Garden of Eden. We are all waiting for you. Are you coming?"

"Yes I will, where do we go?"

"Follow me, Adam, on your return to the Garden of Eden"

With that they went into the cloakroom and through the hidden door. Adam undressed in the changing room as he was instructed, took a towel from the table and went down to the patio. As soon as they appeared, Eve ran to him and gave him a long hard hug and kiss, quickly followed by a huge wet hug from the twins who had just come up from the river, soaking wet.

"Friends, may I have your attention please," Philip called out. "First of all please welcome Adam with a round of applause"

After the applause had subsided he continued

"As many of you know Adam was bullied in his earlier life for his naturism and as a result denied it and went textile and his family with him, out of respect. We can see now that he has returned to his namesakeÔÇÖs roots and has joined his family who had started their return more than a year ago. We should also congratulate Paul and Sue on discovering the true purpose of this house and how it should be lived in. As one of the members of the trust committee, most of whom are here today, who had the task of finding a suitable resident for this house, as Maud wanted, and we are pleased with how it has come out. We can also tell you, Paul and Sue, that you have occupancy of this house at least until you finish university and we will decide what will happen then."

Paul and Sue blushed at the praise they had received, and also to the fact that there housing problems were solved for the foreseeable future. Now, Sue thought, all I need is to find a job in the area and turn this into my family home. Funnily enough Paul's thoughts were much along the same line!

"And one more thing before we return to the party, as many of you know, I am being appointed a director of the company and as a result will not be able to continue in my current position. At the meeting of the board of directors yesterday we decided to offer my position to Adam, if he will accept it. We, the directors, are well aware of the hard and conscientious work he has put in over these past years and we are certain he is the man for the job. Also we, Muriel and I, expect to see you at our place on Lanzarote. Adam will you accept?"

Adam was trying to say something but with everything that had happened over the past half hour he found it difficult to say anything. Eve was very happy and answered for him.

"Yes he will, to both."

"Ah, yes, thank you Philip," Adam finally managed to say, "I will be honoured."

"Good," Philip said, "the board will be pleased. In the meantime now please enjoy yourselves."

The crowd broke up into little groups and spoke amongst themselves. Adam, Eve, Paul and Sue ended up together and started to talk amongst themselves.

"Well, dad, how is it to be the big manager?" Paul asked.

"No, Paul," his mother said, "the question is ÔÇÿhow is it to be a naturist again?ÔÇÖ"

"Yes, my dear, you are right; that is the question. And to answer it, I don't understand how it is I ever left this lifestyle. I was really stupid then to give up so fast."

"No, dear, it was really difficult then. It was not as acceptable as now and you didn't have the support of all your friends, as you do now."

"Yes, you are right. And, you two," he said, looking at the twins, "do not leave this lifestyle, you will only suffer. This is your house and it should be your rules."

"Now where have I heard that before, dad?" Paul asked, almost laughing. "I think you also need to change the rules at your house. If you want we will come over and help you."

"No, I do not need any help with that."

"Well, at least we all can cross something off our bucket lists," Eve added thoughtfully.

"Bucket list, my dear? What are you talking about?"

"We will explain about that later. Let's just enjoy the party."

"Oh, all right. In the meantime I would like to offer a toast to us four, so Paul, bring some glasses with wine."

Paul ran off and returned with four wine glasses,

Adam raised his glass. "The toast is 'My house, my rules.ÔÇÖ"

To which they all replied

"My house, my rules."
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