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Retirement Home

Postby calgarymark42 on Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:21 am

This story was told by a Lutheran Pastor at the installation service of our new pastor last evening, so I guess it must be true. :wink:

The elderly lady told her four adult sons that she had decided to sell the family home and move to Florida.

The eldest son said 'that's great! I will build you a beautiful home to live in'

The second son agreed, and said he would give her a beautiful limousine to get around in.

The third son also agreed and said he would build her a state-of-the-art theatre in her new home so she could entertain people.

The youngest son, in clerical tradition agreed with his brothers and said he would have a parrot trained to recite the Bible so she wouldn't have to read it. This was a costly and time consuming project, but eventually the parrot could indeed recite any verse from the Bible on request.

All these things were duly done, and Mother wrote her thank-you letters to the sons:

"Thank you for the beautiful mansion. I really only need one room to live in - but I have to clean the whole house every week".

"Thank you for the beautiful limousine. I don't use it much as I don't drive any more, I don't have my license and it is expensive to insure. I get my groceries delivered, so I don't even have to go out to the supermarket".

"The theatre is magnificent but as my eyesight and hearing are failing I don't get much use from it, and I don't have fifty friends to fill the seats - most of my friends have died".

"Thank you for the chicken, it was delicious".
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