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The Eraser

Postby cony on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:03 am

The Eraser

Natalie was sitting at her desk in the news room of the local paper in Eagle Rock, the E.R.Acer. She was still very junior and not sent out to report anything that was happening in Eagle Rock. Her main job, apart from making coffee for everyone, was to trawl through the other papers and official documents from the council and local law courts to see if there was anything worth following up. Not that Natalie was sent out, it was usually given to someone, anyone, more senior.

Natalie had heard rumors of people appearing in various places missing their jackets, sweaters and so forth. In most cases it was put down to their forgetfulness, but lately it seemed to be getting worse. There had been a few reports of people arriving at work topless! Those poor souls swore by all that was dear to them that they had left home properly dressed.

Natalie had not seen anything like this, or even knew of anyone to whom this had happened, but she was beginning to be interested in the situation. She began by collecting all the reports she had heard of and had even tried to interest her editor in the story. To date he was totally disinterested. 'A bunch of crazy people walking around half naked' was the more polite comment he used, but Natalie persevered and collected more and more reports. Not only were the number of cases growing in number, but also the frequency and severity of each one was increasing. At first it was someone without a hat or jacket, and a case of once a week with more than this. Lately it was people arriving somewhere topless nearly every day.

"Natalie, come here!" was the roar she heard from her desk. It was clear who was doing the shouting. The Editor. She collected her pencil and notebook and ran to his office.

"Yes Mr. Glysop?"

"Bring me a coffee!" he ordered.

His command was her action. She was the junior in the office and all the bad jobs fell her way. She hoped that one day he would look at some of her work and send her out into the field. She got his coffee, which she had learnt how to prepare to his taste, and returned.

"Your coffee sir."

"Tell me, are you still making notes about those crazy people turning up in different places missing clothing?"

"Err, yes sir."

"Well I have another one for you. Go up to the seventh floor and talk with Blenkinsopp. Some thing has happened to him somewhat along the line of the notes you are making."

"Yes sir, thank you sir? She quickly uttered rushing out of his office before he had some other thankless task for her.


She made her way up to the seventh floor and looked for Blenkinsopp. The seventh floor was where the newspaper had some space for accounts, advertising and subscriptions. Blenkinsopp, she eventually found out, worked in accounts, usually a group of very straight laced people doing a very boring job. Not a place for half naked people she though to herself.

She eventually found him in the chief accountant's office, which was fairly private from the rest of the office, waiting until his wife could bring him something to replace the missing clothing apparently. Everyone in the outer office was sniggering as to what had happened.

'Morons,' she thought 'what would they do if it was them in that situation'

Natalie was shown in and saw he was sat down behind the desk still wearing his overcoat and obviously very shaken up. He would not stand up and indicated to Natalie that she should sit down on the other side of the desk.

"Mr. Blenkinsopp," She started "I have been collecting reports of people turning up at various places, how should I put it, not fully dressed. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?"

"I don't know how I can help you" he replied "I don't really know myself."

"Maybe we should start as to when you left home and came to work."

"Like every morning" he started, "I finished my breakfast, put on my overcoat picked up my brief case and left for the subway. I arrived here and just as I was removing my overcoat I suddenly noticed I was only wearing my underclothing and shoes!"

It was clear from this simple explanation that there were no clues as to what was happening. Natalie persevered.

"Mr. Blenkinsopp, perhaps we can go back to the beginning. Are you sure you had put on your suit before you sat down for your breakfast?"

"Who do you think I am? One of those nudist perverts?"

"No, no, of course not." She answered calmly, even if somewhat surprised, "I am only trying to go through your morning with you to see if we can find the point where, how shall I put it, the 'undressing' took place."

"There you go again, trying to make out I'm crazy! The only reason I am talking with you is to pass the time until my wife arrives. Also I was told to speak with the crazy w'anabe reporter from down below."

"Alright Mr. Blenkinsopp, we are both in the same boat." And at the blank look on his face Natalie continued "everyone thinks we are both crazy. How about both of us proving them wrong. I am trying to write my first item for the paper and I don't want it to be a sordid article about crazy people walking around naked, but a well researched one which I hope will explain the series of events we have been hearing about lately."

When she saw he did not make any objection she continued.

"You had your breakfast in your suit and when you finished you put your overcoat on and left for the subway. Did you have breakfast on your own, or was your wife with you?"

"I had breakfast as I usually do with my wife and she gave me a quick kiss before I walked out of the door."

"Alright, quickly describe you journey from your home to the office" she prompted.

"Well, it is only a short walk from my house to the subway. I used my season ticket and joined everyone else there for the journey to work. As you know the walk from the subway to the office is also very short."

"OK. I assume you came in through the main doors to the building and up in the lifts with everyone else. When did you discover you did not have your suit on?"

"When I wanted to take my overcoat off here in the office."

Natalie thought for a bit. There did not seem to be any explanation here.

"Was there anything unusual on your journey here?"

"Like what? The trains were crowded as usual and I had to push my way through the crowds at the subway exit here. Nothing unusual in that."

"No, what I meant was, did you suddenly feel cooler or something somewhere along the route. After all somewhere you lost your suit. I would have thought you would have been colder. It is not exactly hot outside today."

"Now that you mention it, yes, a twinge, but it was only for a fleeting moment."

"OK, where?"

"After I got off the train I was held up by the crowed coming out of the subway. At the time I thought it was because I had stepped out of a warm area onto the street, but now that I think of it, it was before I reached the street."

"OK, that is something. I assume you came out of the subway exit closest to the office?", seeing him nod in agreement she continued "Fine, I will go down later and see if there is anything unusual there."

At this point Mr. Blenkinsopp's wife came in and realising that the interview had more or less terminated Natalie took her leave and returned to her office.

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Re: The Eraser

Postby cony on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:04 am

Having heard Blekinsopp's story first hand and relatively fresh Natalie decided to try and see if she could track down some of the other people who had had a similar experience and hear directly from them their story. She knew this would not be easy and would take time.

Following a lot of calls she managed to track down two other people who were willing to speak with her. The majority just hung up as soon as they knew who she was, they didn't want their names or reputation ruined by an article in the local rag.

'Not that I can blame them' she thought 'who would want us to tell the whole of Eagle Rock that they like to run around naked! Urgh – terrible thought!'

The shout "Natalie, come here!" brought her out of her thoughts, and quickly collecting her pencil and notebook she ran into the editor's office.

"Yes Mr. Glysop?"

"There is another case of your weird subject, this time it is more serious and he has taken refuge in the office of the subway manager. Get your coat on and go and interview him!"

Without waiting for a second, Natalie was out of the office, collecting her coat and on her way to the office of the subway manager. She didn't even query how the editor had received the information, she knew he had many connections and people who gave him information.

'Perhaps this will be my step up' she thought while running to the office.


Within ten minutes she arrived at the office, and after telling the manager there who she was and who sent her she was allowed in. Inside she saw a man just covered in a blanket and obviously very shaken up by his experience.

"Hello Sir," she started "my name is Natalie Forman and I am from the E.R.Acer"

"I don't want to talk to the press" he blurted out

"I quite agree," she continued "I'm not a journalist, more of a researcher trying to understand what is happening" in a manner which she hoped would calm him down. "Perhaps you can tell me your name"

"No, no names!"

"Fine, fine, I will call you Peter, if you don't mind. Did this happen to you in the subway exit closest to the E.R.Acer office?"

"Yes, how did you know?" he replied looking at her surprised.

"You're not the first one this morning. I met someone else earlier that had something similar happen to him," and then continued "Peter, tell me please, which side of the exit subway were you walking on?"

"The left hand side close to the wall, by the poster for the new film which is due to come out."

"The Naturalist Family?"

"Yes I think that's the one. Not a film I would like to see, too much nature!"

Following a few more questions Natalie left, wondering how Peter, as she called him, would get home in his present state of undress. The thought of meeting an undressed man only covered in a blanket had unnerved her a little.


Now Natalie had to decide what she was going to do, return straight back to the office or take advantage of the opportunity and go and talk with the two other victims who had agreed to talk with her. She went for the second choice, it was really a no brainer having been given the chance to go out by the editor.

Before leaving the subway she went to look for the poster Peter had mentioned. Perhaps there was some kind of secret passage there that no one had mentioned. A short walk brought her to the place and at a first glance looked like all the other passages she had gone through. Posters on each side advertising all and sundry from clothing and shops to holidays and films. She found the poster advertising the new film "The Naturalist Family". Nothing special except for its use of naked people in the countryside. She shivered at the sight of all the naked people and thought to herself 'what has being naked got to do with nature?' She looked to see if there was anything special, and also to see where it was being shown. Nothing special (as far as she could see) and not even where it was to be shown. 'Perhaps they still haven't found a place willing to show the film' she mildly thought.

Following this Natalie moved on to talk with the other two people who had agreed to talk with her. Both of them had similar stories of suddenly finding themselves in various states of undress. One of them when she exited the subway and the second when he passed a notice board by the mall. Neither of them could say with certainty what adverts or posters they saw only that they remembered seeing something about some film with people in the countryside.

With not much more information than from Peter, except perhaps the film poster, Natalie went to each of the places where these two people had had their unusual event. One was in the exit from a subway, like for Peter, and the second was at the exit to a shopping mall. She quickly found the poster for the new "The Naturalist Family" film at each place, and again there was the use of naked people in the countryside and no indication where the film was to be shown. She was just about to write off the poster as a factor for the event when she noticed, while looking at the poster in the shopping mall, that not all the people were naked. In this poster there was one woman dressed! Why was she dressed if all the others in the poster were not?


Realising that she had been out of the office much longer than she had intended she made her way back. Her route back also took her past the other two posters, so she had another look. Both of them had one man dressed, not the same man and not in the same manner in each poster. Why were the posters all different? She would have to keep her eyes open to see if others were posted, and what they looked like.

Getting back to her office she quickly settled down and started logging all that she had heard and seen.

"Natalie, come here!"

'Oh dear' she thought 'I'm in trouble now'

"Yes Sir" she said as she rushed into his office. "I'm sorry I took so much time" she started "but there were a few other leads I wanted to follow up"

"And what have you found so far?"

Expecting a reprimand for taking so long she was surprised by his reaction.

"Not much really, there does not seem to be any one thing connecting all the events. The only strange thing seems to be the film poster."

"You mean the one for "The Naturalist Family"?"

"Yes sir, how did you know?"

"Never mind, follow up on your leads and see if it goes anywhere"

Surprised, Natalie scuttled out of his office and back to her desk. She was somewhat surprised at the opportunity being given her by the editor but this was too good a chance to miss. She finished logging what she had found and then, seeing as it was already quite late, she decided to leave a bit earlier and see if she could find any similarities from the other cases she had heard about but the people were not willing to talk with her. These cases were spread over quite a wide area in Eagle Rock and she knew it would take quite some time, good job she had not planned anything special that evening.

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Re: The Eraser

Postby cony on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:05 am

The next morning Natalie came into the office head spinning from what she had seen the previous evening. She knew she had to log all she had seen and then try to analyse her observations. There was something she was beginning to see but was not too sure how it related to the events that had happened. She only hoped that she would not be interrupted with other things.

"Natalie, Mr. Glysop asked me to tell you to go into his office as soon as you arrived. Don't knock and take your coffee with you." Said Sadie, another of the girls working with her.

'What have I done now' she thought 'and bring my own coffee!' This didn't sound too good, or to be more accurate it sounded very strange. Normally his office door was open so he could see what was happening outside, and that she had to bring him coffee.

"Come in" he said as she stood by his office door "and please close the door after you."

All of this 'good manners' was beginning to worry Natalie 'What does he want? Am I about to be fired?' Just as she closed the door and went to the seat opposite the desk she noticed that he seemed to be sitting bare footed.

"How is your research on this weird effect coming along?"

"It is still too early to say as I have still not analysed all the data from yesterday. I'm sorry but I left a bit earlier yesterday and went to the places where there had been reports of this happening to see if I could see anything"

"… and?"

"There does not seem to be anything common in the site where the event happened, sometimes in the subway, sometimes in a shopping mall and even in the open street."

"Well you can add another place to your list, and please keep this between us. It happened to me this morning on my way in. I parked my car in the garage below and suddenly felt cool, to be more accurate, naked. Luckily I had some spare clothes in the boot of my car and so was able to get dressed. Just that I didn't have any spare shoes and socks. In the meantime I can work and drive home this evening, just hope it doesn't happen to me again on the way home"

"Of course" Natalie answered and thinking 'that explains his bare feet' "I have no intention of exposing anyone, just getting to the root or cause of the effect. If I may can I ask a few questions to add to my research?" The thought of seeing her editor naked, or even being caught like that horrified her.


"Could you please describe your route in to the garage today."

"Over the river bridge, straight down the main road and then left into Press Way and the back entrance into the garage. I have a key to that entrance"

"Where there any posters by the garage entrance?"

"Only one for that crazy film!" the editor answered "Full of naked people, Ugrhh! Who let them print posters like that, I thought it was illegal and what has posters got to do with this?"

"I don't know yet" Natalie answered beginning to see some common thing in the events and somewhat agreeing with him as to the thought of posters with naked people "I still have to analyse my data from yesterday."

"Fine, fine, go and analyse the data" he replied "and please keep me in the picture regarding how your research goes forward. By the way" he continued in a more gentle manner "this is your main task at the moment and if you need to go out and check up on leads, you have permission."

This was indeed an unusual situation, from the editor wanting to know all the time where she was and what she was doing to basically giving her a carte blanche possibility to do what she wanted.

Natalie returned to her desk, logged in all her data from the previous evening, and immediately popped out to the back entrance of the garage to see what was there.


Within minutes she arrived at the back entrance. Looking around there was, in general, nothing special there. She remembered that the editor said that he had seen a poster for a film. It seemed a bit strange to her for posters, of any kind, to be at the back entrance to anywhere. Looking around on the walls facing the road she could not see anything and was about to dismiss his observation as not having happened when she noted something by the point where people would use their electronic keys to open the garage door. Moving closer she saw it was a very small poster for the same film "The Naturalist Family", but why was it so small. No one would see it from a distance. Even when she was close she could hardly see much of the details. She already knew how this poster should look and so was able to identify all the various points. Having remembered that on most of the posters she had seen close to places where the strange events had happened there was inevitably someone dressed. Looking closely she eventually found the one person dressed, and more surprisingly the clothes looked a lot like the suit the editor usually wore to work.

Taking a photograph of the poster to record her finding Natalie returned to her desk and updated the log. She also decided that it would be a good idea to also photograph the other posters she had seen and possibly ask the two people who had agreed to speak with her if they recognised the clothing in the posters.

After Natalie had photographed the two posters she called the people involved to see if they were willing to talk with her again. They both agreed and confirmed that the clothes being worn by the one person in the poster was very similar, if not identical, to those they had worn.

By now Natalie was beginning to see some kind of common thread in the events. It was as if the posters were stripping people of their clothes to cover up their own disgust in being portrayed naked on the poster. Just the thought of someone naked made Natalie shiver with disgust. If the film was about naturalism, why not just show animals and birds. At this point she decided she had to discuss this unlikely theory with the editor.


"May I come in Mr. Glysop?" Natalie carefully asked after lightly knocking on his door.

"Of course, of course" he answered waving for her to enter and sit. "What have you got to tell me?"

"Well it's like this" she started, not knowing exactly how to start. "From what I have seen so far, and the people I have talked to, it would seem that 'The Naturalist Family' poster is taking peoples clothing to dress those in the poster." At this point she stopped and waited for his reaction, laughter, scorn, shouting, something.

"And how did you get to this weird and stupid sounding conclusion?" he simply asked. No shouting, no scorn, nothing.

Somewhat surprised by his reaction she continued. "Well, first of all, at all of the sites where this happened there is a poster for 'The Naturalist Family' film. What is surprising is that each and every poster I have looked at is different, not by much but none the less different. The difference is so specific that most of the public will not see it." Not knowing how to continue Natalie took a deep breath.

"And the difference is …. " the editor prompted

"In each of the posters I have looked at where there has been an event it seems to have one person dressed, and not necessarily the same one in each case. I know it sounds ridiculous but this is the only connection I have found. For some reason, I cannot believe that this is a publicity stunt by the company advertising the film." Again she paused and took a deep breath.

"And how did you get to this conclusion?" the editor prompted

"I don't know if I would say it is a conclusion yet, just something that I have noticed and managed to verify in what I have seen. I took photos of all the posters where there have been these events and shown them to the people who were involved and were willing to speak with me."

"What, you showed all the people all the photos?"

"No, No, just the ones relevant to their event. And, Mr. Glysop, this is your photo." She added as she passed across the one she had taken by the back garage entrance.

"OK" he said "all I see is a group of naked people in a forest."

"Please look closer Mr. Glysop, particularly at the person leading the group. He is dressed, and if I am not mistaken he is wearing the same clothes that you normally do."

The editor took a closer look, followed very quickly by a deep breath.

"Yes you are right, and he even has the new tie I received as a present and was wearing this morning."

At that moment the editor's phone rang. Natalie was about to leave when he motioned her to stay.

"I have just received a tip from one of my contacts, that a complete family have suddenly turned up naked. It's at the local high school. Go and see what you can find out. They are waiting for you."

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Re: The Eraser

Postby cony on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:06 am

On the way to the school Natalie noticed that where the previous evening there had been only one poster for the film, now she saw more, sometimes even side by side. 'I will have to check up on this on my way back' she thought.

When she arrived at the school she saw that there were a number of posters for the film so before she entered she studied them more closely and took photos of them. One of the posters had a woman and two children clothed, 'possibly a mother and her children' she though and another had a man clothed.

She entered the school and after identifying herself was shown into the principal's office where there was a family of mother, father and two children wrapped up in blankets. It was clear that the parents were in a state of shock while the children seemed to be quite happy about it. 'They are probably happy because they are missing school' Natalie thought.

"Did you bring us clothes?" the mother asked. Well someone had to be practical in situations like this.

"Not yet" the principal answered "the school secretary will be back soon with some for you and then we will run you home. This is Natalie Forman from the E.R.Acer."

"We don't want our names splashed out all over the front page of that rag!" the father reacted immediately on hearing the name of the paper.

"Oh no sir" Natalie immediately answered in a hopefully calming manner. "I am trying to see why this is happening and any names you give me will be kept in strict confidence. I have already talked to a number of people who have had this happen to them and I'm beginning to see a number of common themes. If you are agreeable I would like to ask you a few questions. Any names you give me will be your choice, and please Ms. Fortesque" she said turning to the school principal "do not confirm or deny if the names they give are their real names or not."

The parents talked quietly amongst themselves and seemed to come to some kind of agreement. It was clear to Natalie that the father was not too certain about this but the mother had managed to persuade him. In the meantime the children were laughing amongst themselves.

"All right, we will answer your questions as long as you do not ask any intrusive questions" answered the mother. "You may call us Mr. and Mrs. Porter, and these are our sons Bill and Ben."

"The flower pot men!" piped up the two boys. "Little Weeeeeeeeeeed!"

"Calm down you two" their father said, then turning to Natalie "and what are your questions?"

"In your own words could you describe what you saw and what happened."

"We arrived at the school entrance" the father started "and the boys saw the posters for the film "The Naturalist Family" and ran over to them. I mean, what kind of poster is that to put at the entrance to a school. I hope that you were not involved in that Ms. Fortesque?"

"No, no" the school principal quickly answered, "we do not allow any form of advertising at the entrance to the school and I do not remember seeing them when I came in this morning."

"I certainly hope not" said Mr. Porter "I mean pictures of naked people"

"Oh! I did not realise they were that kind of poster. I will see that the janitor goes out there immediately and removes them. Please excuse me for a moment while I go and tell him."

"Mr. Porter, please carry on"

"Well," he continued, "as soon as the boys saw the posters they ran over to the largest one and my wife went after them to pull them away. In the mean time I noticed that one of the posters was hardly stuck onto the board so I decided to tear it off. I went over, grabbed it to pull it off when I felt a strange motion around me and then I was suddenly cold. At that moment I heard a scream from my wife, turned round and saw she was naked, as were my sons."

"And so were you dear" his wife said.

"Yes I was, which I only realised after I saw you and the boys"

"Excuse me Mrs. Porter" Natalie said "could you please described your sequence of events up to the point you realised you were naked."

"Well," she started, "the boys ran over and I went straight after them to bring them back to take them into school away from those dirty posters. I managed to grab hold of the boys when as my husband said, I also felt a strange motion around me and then I was suddenly cold. At that point I noticed that the boys were naked and suddenly noticed I was also."

"Did the boys touch the poster?" Natalie asked

"I think so" she answered looking at the boys who were nodding in agreement.

"I have some pictures here which I took outside before I came in. I would like you to look at them and then I have a question or two about something I noticed in them."

"Do we have to?" Mr. Porter said, not too sure that he wanted to look.

"Yes, yes, bring them to me if it will help." Mrs. Porter said

Natalie laid out the photos she had taken so Mrs. Porter could look. After a very quick look she said "I do not see anything unusual here"

"Please look closer at this area in this picture. I think you will see what I mean."

"Oh yes! Now I see it, those are the clothes I wore this morning, and those the ones the boys wore. And in this picture I see the suit my husband was wearing. How strange."

"Strange it may be," Natalie added "but I am beginning to see it in more than one poster where there have been these unusual events."

"Talking about strange," Mr. Porter said, "where are our replacement clothes?"

At that very moment the school secretary entered with a number of parcels and whispered something to the principal.

"Mr. and Mrs. Porter, these are the replacement clothes we have brought you." The principal said. "You may use our offices to change into them in privacy. Afterwards we will arrange to take you home, that is if you have no further questions Ms. Forman."

"No none for the moment, but I would like a contact number, if you agree, should I have any other questions."

"Ms. Forman, could you wait for a moment?" The principal said, "I have something for you, which I think you will find interesting."


When the Porters' had gone into the offices to get dressed the principal turned to Natalie and continued

"First of all, if I may, do you know who is putting these posters up?"

"No I'm afraid not. From what I have been able to ascertain no one knows who is putting these posters up, or even who is producing them. They seem to just appear." Natalie answered "…. and the interesting thing is?"

"If you remember I sent our janitor out to remove the posters. Well it would seem that the same thing has happened to him. He had some spare clothing in his locker and after he got dressed I asked him to come here and talk with us."

"Yes that is interesting! If you will excuse me for a moment I want to go out and photograph the posters again and see if there is any change." With that Natalie ran out to the front of the school.

The first thing she noticed was that there were more posters than when she entered earlier, including some on the other side of the road. She looked at them carefully to see if there were any changes and she saw that in one of them, that which looked like it had been torn, had another person dressed, not just the father as before. She took a photograph, walked across the road to look at those as well and not seeing anything special returned inside to the principal's office.

"Ah, Ms. Forman, may I introduce you to our school janitor, Jim."

"Jim, good morning," Natalie started. "I'm not sure if Ms. Fortesque has told you who I am. My name is Natalie Forman, I work for the E.R.Acer and I am trying to investigate and understand what is happening."

"Yes I was told, and as I understand it I will not be mentioned by name or job in any article you may write."

"Yes that is correct. Could you please give me a description of what happened."

"After the principal contacted me I collected my equipment and went out to clear that filth. The first thing I did was to connect the hose and soak all the posters, it makes it easier to remove them afterwards." He said. "Usually at this point I need to wait a little before I can start with the scraper, but I noticed that one of the posters was falling off so I decided to see if I could pull it off as is. As soon as I approached it the poster fell on me …. and the next thing I knew I was naked."

"Fine, and thank you," Natalie started, "but please tell me when you approached the poster did you feel any unusual vibrations or motions?"

"Now that you mention it yes I did. And not only when I approached the poster, but the whole time I was soaking the posters. I just thought that it was the cold getting to me. Does this have any significance?"

"Maybe, I do not know, but a number of people have mentioned strange motions. Another question, if I may. Did you notice if there were any of these posters on the other side of the road?"

"No I didn't. It's enough with the ones on this side."

"One last question please, I have a photograph here which I would like you to look at and confirm what I think I see." Natalie asked as she placed a photograph of the falling poster on the table.

"No, no, keep that away from me. I don't want anything to happen again!" Jim said in a very agitated state.

"Jim it's OK, the photographs I have taken do not affect anyone, only the posters themselves it would seem. Now please, if you would be so kind, can you confirm that the person I am pointing to in the photograph is wearing your work clothes."

Carefully moving forward, but keeping at a distance, Jim looked at the photograph.

"Yes, those are like the clothes I normally wear for work, but who is the other dressed man?

"That is someone else who I know also had a similar experience to yours" answered Natalie. The other dressed person was of course the father of the family. He had also tried to tear down the poster.

"OK Jim thanks very much for your help. If I have any further questions may I contact you through the school?"

"If you must, but I am not happy about it."

"Don't worry, as I confirmed before I will not publish your name or where you work. And again, thank you."

With that Jim left the office.

"Ms. Forman before you leave," the principal said, "Mrs. Porter passed me this note to give you. From how she gave it to me I had the feeling that Mr. Porter did not want to leave contact details."

"They have already left then?" Natalie asked

"Yes," the principal answered, "they wanted to leave as soon as possible. Is that all?"

"Thank you, yes. I need to get back to the office and try to analyse the information I have received." And with that Natalie left and went out to the street.

On passing the posters at the entrance to the school she felt a slight twinge. 'I hope I will not be affected like the others' she thought. She also noted that there were more posters on the other side of the road from the school. 'Who is putting these up? Perhaps Mr. Glysop can help me get a look at the traffic cameras.' And with this thought she made her way back to the office. En route she noted that there seemed to be more and more posters and even occasionally she felt slight twinges.

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As soon as she returned to the office Natalie went to talk with the editor. He also confirmed to her that he had felt strange twinges on his entrance to the garage earlier that day before he found himself naked. He also told her that he did not think she would see anything on the traffic cameras as they were usually set to look at the roads and junctions and not the paths alongside, but he would arrange for her to look at the recording to the entrance to the garage. Also he knew the owner of a small shop in the entrance to the subway who had cameras recording all activities outside.

Following the editor's suggestion Natalie went up to the office security first to look at the recordings of the garage entrance. Starting from about an hour before the editor came in, she carefully looked at the recording. She could see people coming in and nothing happening until the editor arrived. The camera did not help her to see clearly the place where people would place their electronic keys, as it was in the shade. That was where she had found the poster earlier.

Leaving the office Natalie went to the shop in the subway. The editor had already spoken with the owner and he had set up the video system. Skipping through the recording from the previous evening she noted after going through it for a while that there seemed to be a change between four and five in the morning. Now she had to go through this part much slower. Hopefully she would see who was responsible for the posters and would be able to go and ask them what they knew. It wasn't until she got to four forty that she noted a sudden change. Something was not right. She replayed the section from four thirty five and there it was again, the posters just appeared at four forty. No one was there putting them up. They just appeared. With the shop owner she looked again and he confirmed what she had seen and that there was no break in the recording.

Thanking the shop owner for his help Natalie left. On the way out she went closer to the posters which she had seen appear on the recording. Again she started feeling twinges, so kept her distance. What was happening here? She suddenly saw that a few of the figures in the poster were dressed.

Rushing back to the shop she asked the owner to look again at the recording.

"Before I look again could you please tell me if you saw anything unusual this morning outside your shop?"

"No nothing at all. What are you looking for?" the shop owner asked "But I did get in a little later than usual, so maybe I missed it."

"I suspect that if what I think happened you would have noticed, or at least heard the commotion. At what time did you get in this morning?"

"I arrived at about six," the owner said "but what happened that I missed?"

"I suggest that we both look and see if I am correct."

With that Natalie started the recording from where she had seen the poster suddenly appear. They both slowly watched the recording and waited. Suddenly when they reached five o'clock they saw three people approach the poster and the poster seeming to fall on them. Once the three people had extracted themselves from the poster Natalie and the owner saw they were naked and ran off trying to cover themselves with, well nothing. After the three people had run off they then saw the poster re-attach itself to the wall. Natalie then saw on the poster that three people who before the event were naked were now dressed.

"This was like looking at some kind of horror film!" Natalie said after they had recovered from what they had seen.

"Quite right," the shop owner said "I must delete this before the Modesty Police come around"

"No, No, let me take it, I promise not to say where it came from. I also want to let our experts check it to ensure that it has not been edited in anyway. Don't worry I believe you that it is the first time you have seen this. Maybe someone has been able to hack in, and if they have I will let you know." Natalie begged.

Luckily the shop owner agreed and quickly gave her the recording and she left the shop. Again on passing the posters she felt twinges and hurried past hoping that they, the posters, would not attack her as she had just seen in the 'horror film'.

Just as she got back to the office Natalie was called into the editor's office.


"Natalie, can you give me some kind of update? There are incoming reports of many of these events happening all over Eagle Rock."

"I do not know why it is happening, or even who is responsible, but I am beginning to understand how it is happening." Natalie stated.

"The thing is" the editor started "I want to get something into the paper before printing tonight."

"I do not think I will be able to write anything serious before the deadline." Natalie said, thinking to herself that he would take the opportunity away from her. "I have just obtained recorded evidence of how this happens, but will need time to get it analysed and logged. From what I have seen there is no one putting up the posters and the method by which the people end up naked is even weirder."

Natalie then explained to the editor what she had seen on the various recordings at the garage entrance and then at the shop. She did not know how to explain what she had seen at the shop so she told it simply without trying to give any explanation.

"Yes, yes, I can see where you are. Take the recording upstairs to Philips to analyse. I will call him to say you are bringing something up that needs his immediate attention and expertise. In the meantime log all your findings and try to write something up. I can see this as a more serious investigative report. I have already sent out a couple reporters to get the immediate reports and reactions for the morning edition."

With that Natalie was more relaxed. 'It seems that he appreciates my work more than I thought' she thought to herself and left his office to rush the recording upstairs to Philips.

Natalie returned to her desk, logged in the new information she had and started penning the article. In line with the editor's suggestion she wrote it such a way that the fact that naked people were running around Eagle Rock was not the point, more the effect that had been seen and how it seemed to happen. Philips called down to tell her that the recording was fine, no gaps in the time line and no signs of hacking.

After a few hours of writing and rewriting Natalie had got some kind of draft copy. The title was still eluding her until she had a brain wave 'The Return to Adam and Eve', this was much better than all the previous titles she had thought up, including Forever Naked and The Day of the Posters (reminding her of The Day of the Triffids film). Adding the title to the top of her article she printed out a copy and pinned it to the board by her desk. She would take it home with her to read. She was still not completely happy with it.

Natalie tidied her desk, packed her bags, put on her coat and started to leave. She was the last one to leave the office that evening seeing as it was very late, but the time she had spent in writing and rewriting her article had been worth the effort. She was sure it would impress the editor and move her forward at the newspaper.


She made her way to the lift when she suddenly remembered she had forgotten the printout on her desk. She turned round and started to make her way back to her desk when she felt the twinges again. 'What could this be' she thought, 'there are not any posters in here'. Just the thought of a repeat of what she had seen earlier in the day terrified her.

She looked up and saw her desk was surrounded by posters which were not there moments ago. She also saw at a distance that the printout was now blank. What was this, not only the posters somehow stripped people of their clothing but also stripped the print off paper! Was this revenge of the posters to stop her revealing their secret to the world!

She turned and ran to the lift which luckily had just arrived at her floor. She ran in, the doors closed and she pressed the down button. She took a deep breath of relief until she looked around the lift and saw all the walls were covered in the posters. She felt something fall on her head. Looking up she saw the posters were peeling off the ceiling of the lift and on to her.

Suddenly feeling more twinges and cold she looked down and saw she was now naked. Frantically trying to cover herself with her hands she screamed and fainted.

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Re: The Eraser

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"Natalie, Natalie, wake up …. "

She came to, covered herself with her hands and feeling something strange looked down to see she was completely undressed and holding an eraser in her hand.

"You are not going to finish this task if you keep nodding off!"

It was her arts class teacher. What had happened? Did it really happen or was it a dream? And what was the eraser doing in her hand? It looked as if it had been used a lot.

"You will find the task much easier if you did what was supposed to be done, not something completely different. The task was to sketch the Naturist Family, not the naturalist family! Trying to turn your naturalist family into the Naturist Family by using the eraser is not the way to do it. You have been using it too much and made a hole in the paper. Start again and sketch them as they should be and not how everyone else in the outside world would like to see them."

Yes Natalie was in her art class at the Eagle Rock Naturist Resort where they had to sketch the Naturist Family. What made her do the sketch in this manner was completely unexplainable to her as she was a huge fan of the naturist life. She was even considering buying a permanent residence there.

Natalie removed the damaged sheet of paper from the easel and took a fresh sheet to put in its place. After she had done this she looked to one side to pick up her pencil and saw on the next sheet what looked like an article with the title 'The Return to Adam and Eve'.


So dear reader

Did Natalie dream?
Was she in a horror film?
Did it really happen?
Or is she Returning to Adam and Eve?

Use your eraser to rub out the wrong answers, but be careful because the posters of Eagle Rock might come to get you if you choose the wrong answer!
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Re: The Eraser

Postby old guy on Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:13 pm

That was a lot of work!…and interesting
Will we be reading any more stories?
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