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Anniversary by Big Bother

Postby Big Bother on Thu May 21, 2015 6:02 am

I wrote this story for a friend who was doing a class project. She made an online literary magazine to show her ability with HTML and asked if anyone could write her a poem or a story about someone who was an outsider. I didn't have much time to write it and I would change some things about it, especially now that I'm more open to myself about being nude.


Bill got the snacks. He bought sodas for the kids, and beer for the adults. He bought hot dogs, he bought sunscreen, and he washed the towels. He made sure the pool was clean and he set out the folding chairs. Finally, a little before noon that Sunday, he changed into swim trunks and waited for the guests to arrive to his parents' thirtieth anniversary party.

His uncle Jack and aunt Mary were the first to show up. They got there while Bill's mom and dad were changing out of their Sunday best. "Where can we change?" Jack asked, and Bill told them to use the back bedroom.

Bill sighed and wondered how long he would have to stay. He looked at the clock and gave himself eight hours. After that, he would make some excuse and leave. It was an unspoken agreement he had made with his parents years ago when it was clear he had a more difficult time being around family. He was getting the potato salad his mom had made out of the fridge when Jack and Mary came out of the bedroom, completely nude.

"Beautiful day for a party," Mary said. She had a couple of towels draped over her left arm and they didn't hide any of her nakedness. Bill noticed the all-over tan but not much else. He had seen it all before, had seen her body and Jack's too as they changed from young and firm to old and wrinkly. Mary said, "Is there anything we can do to help?"

Bill said, "Maybe you could start up the grill."

"Okay. We'll be out back."

"I'll tell mom and dad," Bill said. He opened boxes of plastic forks and spoons and got out a stack of napkins. After a few minutes, his mother and father came downstairs. They were also nude, but that was no surprise to him. Every second they were home, even in winter, they wore nothing.

"I heard someone's voice," his mom Pam said.

"Jack and Mary are here. They're out back."

"Good. I'll go say hi," she said.

Rick, Bill's father, said, "I'll be there in a minute." He then turned to Bill and said, "Thanks for all of this. I know your mom appreciates it."

"Well, you're welcome."

He looked down at Bill's trunks and said, "Guess this party is clothing optional."

Bill looked his dad in the eye and said, "It is."

"Alright, alright. I'll be in the back."

The house was built set forward on the lot so that most of the outside area was behind an eight-foot-tall fence. It wrapped around the back yard to hide whatever went on inside, but during parties like this one a person could still hear people talking and splashing in the pool. Bill wondered how many people knew that there were now a dozen completely naked friends and family members at his parents' house.

He cooked some hot dogs at the grill and looked around at the guests. There were his aunt and uncle, who were sitting on plastic chairs covered with towels on the seat. A friend of his father's and that friend's wife, both sunburnt from a recent trip to a Mexican resort, stood poolside holding bottles of light beer. A woman in her sixties who had a thin floral-print wrap around her waist was talking to Jack and Mary, and Bill remembered her from a local nudist club. She was one of the owners, and he then recalled that she owned the place with her husband who had died a couple of years before. He used to go there with his parents when he was little, but when he was a teenager he spent most of his time sitting around clothed, only stripping to get into the pool. Mrs. Beverly, that's what everyone called her, he remembered.

The only other people were a young couple not much older than himself and their two kids. His mom had met them at her office and invited them. It was risky, since she only told people she trusted what she did with her spare time, but Walt and Erica were new age hippies and had no hang-ups about their bodies. Their two boys didn't either, but Bill wondered how long that would last. It was nice to have someone else under fifty at the party, but Bill felt odd seeing that they were the only ones with piercings. Erica had both nipples and her hood pierced, while Walt had a Prince Albert through his penis. He tried not to stare since he hadn't seen that many pieces of body jewelry on people in the clubs his parents dragged him to.

Bill checked his cell phone. His girlfriend Monica hadn't called or texted. She knew about the party and said she might stop by. He dreaded that possibility. His parents liked her the few times he brought her by, and they encouraged her to use the pool and to get a good tan, but Bill tried to keep his family and personal lives compartmentalized. It was almost two. He took another drink from his beer and used the tongs to get a few wieners off the grill. Then one of the boys, the younger one, Ricky, came over and pulled down a little on his trunks. Bill waved the tongs at him and the boy ran away, laughing.

Walt walked over to the ice chest and got another beer. "He seems to like you," he said.

"He's a good kid, though not well-behaved," Bill said with a grin.

"Oh, he's just wondering why you're the only one here not nude."

"I just don't want to."

"That's fine." He used the bottle opener to pop off the cap and stood there, like he had forgotten what to do with an open bottle of beer. "So, you grew up a nudist?"


"I wish my parents were as open-minded." The sun was glinting off his body piercing and condensation from the glass bottle was starting to drip on the concrete. "You're pretty lucky." He walked off, the bottle dripping at his feet, and went to talk to Jack and Mary.

Bill wondered about that. Was he lucky? Maybe. He didn't have to worry about showering after gym class or football practice since he had seen everything before and wasn't self-conscious. He didn't wonder about what girls looked like without their clothes on like his friends at school. In college he streaked along with his friends during the Spring Mile, but since coming back he hadn't wanted to do any of that anymore. Except for a few times skinny dipping in the pool when his parents were away, he didn't spend any time nude outdoors. Or indoors, either.

Bill's mom came outside with another six-pack of beer and started putting the bottles in the cooler. "Bill, could you help bring out the plates and napkins? My hands are kinda full here," she said, holding the beer right under her breasts.

"Okay, Mom," he said and went inside through the sliding door. He closed it to keep the air conditioning in and his soft footsteps were the only noise inside. He got to the kitchen and started stacking things in his arms when a familiar voice behind him said, "Surprise!" He turned and saw his girlfriend completely naked except for flip-flops on her feet. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss.

His brain didn't know what to do with what he was seeing in front of him. Here was his girlfriend, who he found incredibly beautiful, nude in his house. He had seen her like this before, of course, but never did he think that she would show up for the party like this. He put everything down on the table and stood there, dumbfounded.

"Wow. Cat got your tongue?" she said.

It took a few seconds for him to say, "Yeah, guess so. What are you doing here like that?"

"Your mom and dad wanted to keep it a surprise. I knew you would try to talk me out of it." She sat down at the kitchen table and just looked at him, still standing there.

"Oh, I would." He looked her in the eye like he did all the nude people he met, but he found his eyes wandering down to her body. Her tan lines were going to make her stand out, he thought, since she had white patches where a bikini had covered. Cottontails, that's what nudists called people like that.

"Come on. You've seen me like this a hundred times. I've always been curious about your mom and dad and their hobby." She smiled and said, "And I've always wanted an all-over tan."

"Well, it's up to you," he said, putting paper plates and napkins back into stacks.

"And are you going to lose the trunks?"

"I dunno. We'll see." Bill felt a bit sick. He didn't know why. It just came out of nowhere. Just then his dad came in to the kitchen. Monica rose up out of the chair and they hugged. It was that same awkward hug that nude people share, chests together, lower halves far apart. Bill just took the stuff in his arms and went outside while they talked.

He found his mom talking to Mary by the grill, watching the wieners so they didn't burn. He put everything on the picnic table. The silence coming from him overwhelmed their conversation. His mom walked over and said, "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah. Just a bit surprised is all."

"Bill, it's not a big deal. She just wanted to see how we live, and how you grew up. I think it's good. It means she's open-minded, not like those textiles you used to date."

Textiles. It was a sort of slur that nudists used to describe people who were unable or unwilling to get out of their clothes. Bill had dated a few girls who would never think of being nude outdoors in college. When he told them that he had grown up going to nude resorts and beaches, they always reacted poorly. After a while, he stopped telling people.

Monica and his dad came outside with more food. Bill's mom started making introductions, and Monica started mixing around with people. She looked like a natural, no awkwardness in her posture, no arms around her chest trying to hide. He had to admire that. After a few minutes, he went back inside to get ketchup and mustard and the hot dog buns.

He went into the kitchen and started to think. If he had only been able to get a job right out of college, he wouldn't have had to deal with any of this. If he had moved in with his college friends and shared a house like they had offered, he would be with them right now. He wouldn't be hiding in the kitchen from naked people. He sighed again, and wondered what to do.

Bill came through the sliding door with his hands full, holding a tray. Monica looked over at him and said, "Nice." He looked down and saw that where his trunks had been, there was a white patch stretching from his waist all the way down to just above his knees. People started smiling and some nodded their heads. He felt odd. After he put the tray down on the table, he thought that, really, he never had a choice. He looked around the back yard and wondered if this was the type of place he would find himself over and over, hidden away, but finding some freedom in captivity. The feeling of standing there, with the sun already starting to burn his most sensitive areas, overwhelmed him, and he ran to the pool and did a huge cannonball into the water.

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