My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 1› - The Bucket List)

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My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 1› - The Bucket List)

Postby cony on Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:45 pm

The Bucket List

It was a quarter to one on a Saturday morning when Paul and his sister, Sue, were in a taxi on the way towards the bus station. For Paul it was a little surrealistic, one in the morning, in September, going through the quiet city in shorts and T-shirt and he was not cold. He started to think back how it was that he and his sister were here.

It had started earlier in the year when their parents had told them that they would be giving them a present for having done well at school and both being accepted to university even though they still hadn't taken their final exams at school. The teachers had said they would do well, very well, and they were correct. When they were told that it would be a holiday abroad, without the parents as a sign of their respect for their children's maturity, Sue had started to make plans as to which bikini would be best for the Spanish coasts and the parties they could be having in the evening, not exactly the most mature of thoughts. Eventually they found out that their parents were arranging for them to have a 'cultural' holiday in the Holy Land.

"Come on Paul," Sue said giving him a nudge. "Stop daydreaming we've arrived."

"I can't be daydreaming Sue, it's the middle of the night!"

"Yeh, yeh, what ever!" she replied. "Pay the driver."

Paul paid the driver and joined his sister on the pavement. They had arrived close to the bus station and looked for the meeting point. They had been told it would not be in the bus station itself, which was closed for the night, but in front of the Convention Center where some of the local buses would normally stop during the day. They saw a crowd of people further along the pavement and went to join them.

"Is this the pick up point for the ride down to the photo shoot?" Paul asked one of the people there.

"Yes it is." He answered, "We are still waiting for the buses to pick us up. It would seem they are running a little late. You look a little young, did you bring picture ID with you?"

"Yes I did, I remember the instructions that we had to bring ID and the signed photo release, thanks."

At that moment a bus pulled in and someone got off with a clip board. People started moving forward, showing their IDs, handing in the signed photo release, getting checked off on the list and entering the bus. Soon enough Paul and Sue went through the same procedure and also got on the bus. They found an empty seat and settled down. Sue took the window seat, closed her eyes and started to rest. It would be a long night, and day, for both of them, despite having slept for a couple of hours after supper. Paul took the opportunity to look around and see who else was getting on the bus. He did not see any his own age, 18, most of them seemed to be in their 20's and 30's. Paul also wondered how so many people would be able to get on the bus when another two more buses pulled in behind them and they also started to fill up. After about fifteen minutes the three buses had loaded, the doors closed and they started off. At first they drove through a very quiet city, past the old city and then started down hill away from the built up area and down into the desert. The street lighting that was in the city was replaced with the pitch dark of the desert. At this point Paul also started to doze off.

He started to think back towards the beginning of the year when he went to his first naturist swim. He had not been able to go to one before as since he was under 18 he needed written permission from his parents, which he knew he would not get, or alternatively be brought along by one of them, even less chance of that happening. At first he had thought of asking his mother, who he knew that in her younger days would go to swim at the YWCA, but refrained from this since he felt she would not go against his fathers thoughts on the subject.

Paul had really enjoyed his first naturist swim and was surprised by the number of people who came along, and even more surprised by who came along. He had seen young people and couples in their 20's, older people, at least for him they were, in their 50's and 60's. Even more surprising for Paul were the number of families who came along with their children of all ages from 2 to 12 and 16 to 18. There seemed to be a lack of teenagers in the early teens, but as he found out later this was due more to them entering puberty and being a little shy, but some came just the same and seemed to have a good time. What really surprised Paul were the group of grandparents in their 70's and 80's, while not doing so much swimming would sit in groups and talk amongst themselves, occasionally looking after the very young grandchildren while their parents went swimming. Much the same as he had seen in the park or on the beach, only they were not dressed and it did not seem to bother anyone. The children were playing on all the rides of the water park and having a good time. The parents would be swimming or talking in small groups, and others would be using the two saunas and Jacuzzi.

As soon as Paul had paid his entrance fee and signed in he was approached by two youngsters about his age and made welcome. They showed him around, where to change and generally explained the do's and don'ts. They also invited him to join them while he was there for the first time and introduced him to most of the other youngsters. Towards the end of that evening he asked one of them how they knew he was coming, as it was so obvious they were waiting for him. He was told that they had been told a new youngster would be coming along and it was their job to help him. They refused to say who it was that had told them he would be coming along.

On one occasion, when he returned home after the swim, his sister asked why his swim suit was always dry when he returned from the swim. He realised he could not explain it away with a poor excuse and told her that it was a naturist swim. At this point she went ballistic, asking how it was that he went to such a thing and saying that it was a good job his parents did not know. What would they say? She finished this tirade with that she was going to tell them the terrible thing he was doing, swimming with other naked people. Paul thought that he had made a big mistake by being so honest with his sister. He could not understand her reaction; she had seen him naked many times. Despite his father's strict instructions to close the bathroom door it did not stop her from entering. He was sure that she wasn't as narrow-minded as his father. It took a few minutes before Sue calmed down and then she said, with a huge smile ÔÇô "Next time invite me, I want to come as well", so he did, and from that time on they would go together. Each of them had their own group of friends, but everyone knew everyone. Some of their friends had also been to the same school as Paul and Sue.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 1› - The Bucket List)

Postby cony on Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:46 pm

The bus slowed down and turned off the road onto a track towards the water's edge, and Paul came out of his dream. Even though it was about three thirty in the morning it was much warmer than when he had got on the bus back in town. He woke Sue and told her that it would seem they had arrived at the photo shoot site. The bus parked, amongst many others, and they were told before they got off to make a note of the bus number as this would be the one that would take them back to the city at the end of the shoot. Paul looked at the number which was propped up inside the front window and they were in bus number 15. They joined the other people also getting off the busses and went towards the beach entrance, through it and down towards the beach itself passing the table where people were collecting their pre-ordered T-shirts, Paul and Sue collected theirs and now could say "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt", they just didn't know when they would wear it, but they had the T-shirt! The beach front was chaos with all the people there. It was obvious that there were groups who had come together. He noticed on many of the beach umbrellas that there were numbers and he thought these were meeting places for the various groups, but later learned it was to help people to find their bags and clothing at the end of the shoot.

After a wait of about fifteen minutes a group walked into the center with a megaphone.

"Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Ari and thank you very much for joining us here. We have been working on this installation over the past few years and I am glad to say it has come to be. I would like to introduce you to Spencer Tunick"

A huge round of applause broke out and Spencer Tunick came forward.

"Thank you very much for coming to the Dead Sea installation. We have about 1200 people here, so this is one of the larger shoots I have done. Unfortunately yesterday we had to run around to find this site after permission was withdrawn by the local council for use of the original site. I will be doing three or four shots. The first will be at the inlet at the end of this path with everybody floating on their backs looking towards the right, err that way, ok the south. The second will be on that low headland over there looking towards where you are sitting now, hopefully it will show how much and how fast the Dead Sea is disappearing. The third will be back in the inlet facing the other way standing. If there is time I will do a forth one with the ladies covered in Dead Sea mud. Time is short and I want to be ready before the sun rises. Please remove all your clothing for the shot including jewelry, watches and sandals. Oh, and please do not get undressed before you are told to."

Following this there were a few other instructions. Spencer Tunick and his assistants started off down the path to the waterfront and within two minutes every one had undressed and were beginning to assemble on the path to the water front. Despite there being so many people there, everyone had his own space and no one bumped into any one else. There was more room here, or at least it felt like that, than waiting in a queue for a bus. As if on command, although Paul and Sue had not heard a single word, they moved forward and started to enter the water for the first shot. For Paul and Sue it was a weird sensation. First of all they felt the hard, sharp salt under their feet and the water had an oily feeling.

"I wish he had let us wear sandals for this part, it hurts" Sue said.

As soon as the level of the sea reached the middle of their thighs they felt themselves being lifted by the very high level of buoyancy of the sea. Sue started to feel a little nervous that she would fall over and make a fool of herself.

"Give me your hand and we can support each other," Paul said, but very soon he was also finding it difficult. "OK Sue, I think this is the point where we lie on our backs and float out." and with that he slowly leant back and floated. Sue followed suit. With small hand movements in the water, carefully not splashing as they had been warned not to get the sea water in their eyes, they moved further out into the sea but were still in middle of the pack of people.

Instructions were being shouted out to them from the beach all the time and after a while Paul saw that Spencer Tunick was busy taking pictures from the top of a ladder.

After a short while Paul said to his sister "Sue! Look at the sky above the hills on the other side of the sea. You can see the sun rising."

It was a truly beautiful sight with the sun just appearing above the Moab Mountains of Jordan, colouring the clear sky a faint tint of red.

Sue and Paul were enjoying the sunrise, lying very peacefully on their backs in the sea and enjoying the ease with which they were just floating effortlessly when they heard a strange sound. Looking up Paul saw an ultra light aircraft flying above them. At first he thought it was someone just passing by but when a second, third and forth one appeared he realised that they were there to photograph.

"I see the vultures have arrived," Sue said, remembering a few times when she had been to a naturist beach and the same thing happened. "With any luck they will bump into each other and the airspace above us will have to be closed!"

"No such luck, most likely the photo shoot would be closed down because it is a danger to the airplanes!" Paul snorted.

After a while it would seem they had got what they wanted and left. In the meantime all the people were instructed to leave the water and move across to the low headland. The headland was a series of large steps which had been formed by the lowering of the sea level, and everyone arranged themselves on the steps for the next series of photos. Some of the people went around the small inlet to the headland and some cut straight across.

Sue decided to take the short route and cut straight across but almost immediately felt the soft mud on the bottom clinging to her feet.

"Paul," she cried, "the mud is sticking to my feet"

"You can't have it both ways sis, either it's mud on your feet or rock salt cutting into your feet" he replied. "Anyway it will wash off really easily, probably before you even come out onto the headland"

Again instructions were called out and photos were taken non stop. When it seemed that this was sufficient, they returned to the first bay for the final shoot. By now the sun was well into the sky. They arranged themselves in the water and again followed the shouted instructions while the photos were taken.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony (Part 1› - The Bucket List)

Postby cony on Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:47 pm

Close to seven, the main photo shoot was completed and all that was left was the last shot with the ladies all covered in mud. Sue went forward to start but very soon realised that she could not get to her back. The perennial suntan lotion problem!

"Paul" she called out "come and spread the mud on my back please"

Paul came forward, even though he was longing for a shower to wash off all the salt from his body. "Sue only earlier you were complaining about the mud on your feet and now here you are spreading it all over your body!" he noted while he spread the mud on her back.

"You're right, but get a move on before I start a mud fight with you," she replied. "Anyway, you should try some. I have heard that it is good for the skin."

"I am not sure we have the time for me to try it. As I understand it we have to be off the beach by eight. There, I've finished your back. Go and join the others in the photo shoot. I am heading for the shower over there. When you finish, come over and I will help you wash the mud off your back."

Sue joined the other ladies for the photo shoot and Paul headed for the shower. Of course he was not the only one trying to use the shower on the beach, so were about four hundred others! He quickly showered and again he noticed that even though there were so many people on the one shower there was no pushing or shoving. Every one had their own space!

Sue finished her shoot and went over to join Paul by the shower. He helped her to wash the mud off her back, not an easy job as some of it had already dried on. Eventually they finished and headed back to where they had left their clothes to get dressed. Now Paul understood the reason for the numbers on the beach umbrellas, it made it easier to find their own stuff in the mass of everybody else's. They finished dressing and headed towards the buses for the return journey, stopping briefly by the caf├® to buy a coffee and sandwich for breakfast. They eventually found their bus, number 15, which was not in the same place as it was when they had arrived, good job he remembered the number. The settled down and waited for the return journey.

"Paul," Sue started, "thanks for finding this and suggesting we came along. I really enjoyed myself, even with the planes buzzing around overhead at the beginning. You never know, we might even be on the evening news!"

"That will certainly upset dad, but somehow I do not think it will be on the news. All the press were kept at a distance from us. I saw them on a higher spot, not too far from the buses. Tell me Sue, do you know why dad is so up tight on the subject of naturism? I have the impression that mum is for it but does not wish to rock the boat."

"No, I don't know for certain but it is something to do with before we were born. I have also tried to get mum to tell me but she refuses, only that we should drop the subject. Why do you think that mum is for it?"

"Well, do you remember Bonfire night nearly two years ago when I left all my clothes in the kitchen and ran up to shower?"


"Well mum talked with me the next day and I explained how the Erikssons fired up their sauna and how we all had a good time and that at the end of the sauna we would jump into the lake naked."

"Paul," Sue interrupted "I hope you didn't mention I was there as well!"

"No don't worry," he said reassuringly, "I didn't say you were there and she didn't ask but I suspect she knew you were there. Anyway, I also mentioned that I heard that she used to go swimming at the YWCA when she was younger and that that was compulsory naked, and she confirmed it!"

"OK, so what?"

"Well after that talk she did not forbid me to be naked and that if I did not want to wear pyjamas then to leave them in the wardrobe. Obviously she knew I slept naked at night."

"Or at least in your underwear," Sue added. "What does that prove?"

"Ah yes, I didn't think of that. Anyway that same evening the conversation continued with dad as well and we got onto the subject of the assignment we had to write for Mr. Parker. Mine was 'Fashion in The Garden of Eden and how it evolved over the years' and I explained how the fashion at that time was 'no clothes' and that I did not think it had improved since then. Anyway, dad did not agree with me and said that I should not run around undressed and I had to close the bathroom door when I showered. He said it in such a way that there was no arguing with him. I also noticed that mum had sadness in her eyes. Somehow I think she missed the naturist swims of hers."

"Yes, that is strange and I haven't been able to discover anything about that," Sue continued. "Tell me, what is this thing with a bucket list? Have you taken to carrying water buckets?"

"No, nothing so strenuous. Simply, I have made a list of things I would like to do at some time in my life, some of them easy, others less likely and some probably never, but I can only hope."

"So tell me some of them," Sue edged him on.

"One of the easy ones was to go to a naturist swim, I've, or should I say we've, done that," Paul started. "Less likely ones, well I have just crossed one off my list"

"Which one?"

"What we have just done, a Spencer Tunick photo shoot! I did not think I would get it off my list so fast. Another one will be to take part in the WNBR in London."

"What's WNBR?"

"World Naked Bike Ride. What did you talk about with your friends at the swim?"

"Obviously not that," Sue concluded. "Is it legal? In the center of London? Well I suppose it must be otherwise it would not happen. Tell me, did you ever find out who mentioned that you would be come to the naturist swim?" Sue continued.

"No, I never did. I asked a number of times but was simply told that they knew I would be coming. I have a feeling it is someone I know but does not want me to know it. Maybe it is mum," Paul said.

"Somehow I don't think that is likely," Sue said. "I also asked a number of times but got no reply, just that you would know eventually. Anyway, back to the bucket list, what's on your probably never list?"

"I think the possibility of living in a naturist free place, but I suspect that unless I go to live at a naturist community and find a job there it is not likely to happen."

"Paul, talking about somewhere to live, have you found digs yet at university?"

"No, not yet. I was going to get down to it on our return. A little late, I know, but I did not really have time before. How about you?" He replied.

"No, I haven't either. What do you think about both of us sharing the same place? After all we will both be in the same area."

"Are you sure? I won't cramp you style or something? It would be a great idea."

"Probably would cramp my style a bit, but I think it will do me good to be with someone sensible, I know mum will like the idea. We might even get them to chip in for some of the rent! We could always declare the place 'clothes free' if we thought it was possible and it would help you with your bucket list." she continued.

"Somehow I can't see dad approving, or even helping with the rent, if he knew it was a 'clothing free' place," Paul quickly replied.

"Now you are not being sensible," Sue said sharply. "Who is going to tell them? I'm certainly not! Anyway it will be a case of 'Our House Our Rules.'"

Now where have I heard that phrase before?" Paul asked, thinking back to the conversation from nearly two years previously. "I like it, let's do it!"

"It's our house and our rules"
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