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My house, my rules à la Cony

Postby cony on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:01 pm

Bonfire night was coming to an end and all the Wilsons were left with was to dig out the roast potatoes from the embers and finish off the last sausages Paul had done over the bonfire earlier, while they were setting off their own fireworks. The sky was still being lit up by more fireworks, which were being let off all around them, so they sat down to watch and nibble on the remains. Luckily it was the weekend and there was no rush for school or work the next day.

Eventually the fireworks came to an end, the fire was dying down and the cold was beginning to get to their bones. It was time to clear up, put out the fire and go in. In Paul's case he was in serious need of a shower. He ran in to the house heading for the shower when his mother called out for him to give her his clothes to put in the wash that night and to 'Close the door behind you!' He turned round, closed the back door, stripped off all his clothes, dropped them on the kitchen floor and ran up to the shower.

The next morning, Paul finally fell out of bed around eleven in the morning, dressed and went down for a cup of coffee. He entered the kitchen, which like the rest of the house was very quiet. He wondered where everyone was when his mother walked in, obviously dressed to go out.

"Good morning Paul" she said "Good to see you have finally got up"

"Oh, err, hi mum"

"Paul, when I said yesterday that you should close the door behind you, I meant the bathroom door. What do you think would have happened if your sister had seen you showering?"

"Err, I don't know. The sky will fall down?"

"Don't be such a smart aleck!" his mother said, somewhat taken back by his answer. "We'll talk about this when I get back from shopping. In the meantime, think about it." With this last comment Paul's mother picked up her handbag and left.

Paul was a little perplexed about what had just gone down. With the unfinished coffee in his hand he returned to his bedroom and logged on to the naturist forum.

Dear forum,
I have recently come to the realisation after my recent holiday on a student exchange program in Sweden that I'd like to have a nudist, or should it be a naturist, lifestyle. I am still living at home with my parents being a 16 year old pupil in the lower sixth of my school. Following some of the advice I have seen on this forum I started sleeping naked at night, which I have found very relaxing. I have also on occasions thought of going naked from the bathroom to my room after a shower. I also do not close the bathroom door; I'm behind the shower curtains, what is there to see?
This morning, my mother said to me that when she told me yesterday evening to close the door, she meant the bathroom door and not the back door (which I closed). She also asked what would have happened if my sister had seen me showering. My answer was not very smart, but then I was still a little tired having just got up. I am asking the forum what they think I should say when I talk with my mother, or is it the other way round, later today.
Thanks, newnudeguy

In the summer holidays, from school, Paul had been on a student exchange with a pupil from Sweden. The exchange student had stayed with them for three weeks and then Paul stayed with the student's family for three weeks. Paul's twin sister, Sue, had also been on a student exchange that summer with a girl from Sweden. Unknown to Paul and Sue, the exchange students knew each other and their parents were friends. Also their Swedish families had summer homes on the same island in the archipelago on the Baltic Sea close to Stockholm. They had spent most of the summer on the island, swimming, fishing and generally having a good time. Early on during the stay the families had fired up the wood fired sauna and introduced Paul and Sue to sauna, Scandinavian style followed by a run to the sea to cool off at the end. Needless to say that after this swim suits were no longer used when they went swimming.

He was still thinking about his time in Sweden when an answer appeared to his query. He was surprised an answer had come back so quickly.

Hi newnudeguy,
I do not think there is much we can say at the moment since we do not know your mother or what she thinks. I would suggest that you listen to what she has to say and not get into any conflict with her. Maybe it will turn out better than you think.

Paul had found the naturist forum when he had returned from the student exchange in Sweden. Both he and his sister had enjoyed their stay there. Paul wanted to explore the naturist lifestyle further and started to search the internet to try and find more information. It was clear from his stay in Sweden that being naked was an enjoyable thing and not connected with sex. They had had many very enjoyable days sailing and swimming in the archipelago.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony

Postby cony on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:03 pm

After a light lunch Paul decided to write a short thank you answer on the forum and then lie around and listen to music on his ipod until his mother returned. He knew he would have to talk it out with her and decided that a bit of quiet time with music would help.

Hi guys,
I know that it has been rather short notice to have asked your advice, but for that given I thank you. I have read many of the various threads, especially in the "Teenager" section and there was quite a lot of advice and help there. I think I will wait and listen to what my mother wants to say and then move on from there.

Paul had indeed read most of the threads that had been active in the past year. This forum had given him a much better insight to a naturist lifestyle than a lot of information, or should it be said misinformation, he had found in general on the web. From the things that had been posted he had started to sleep naked at night. At first he felt a little strange, but within a few days he was sleeping better than ever. Since he did not want his mother to know he was sleeping naked, he left his pyjamas under his pillow and threw them into the wash each week. He had wondered if he would be cold when the winter came, but he felt no discomfort and his body handled the cold at night, he even felt warmer without clothes than he had in previous years wearing pyjamas. Although he was showering without closing the bathroom door he still hadn't come to the stage where he would walk from the bathroom to his room naked despite knowing that this was the next logical step. He was still worried about how his parents would react. Well it would seem like he was about to find out today.

Paul's mother finally came home from shopping at three. Paul came down to help her put the things away, after which he made a coffee for his mother and himself.

"Mum, I'm sorry about my answer earlier today, I still hadn't woken up and it wasn't a proper answer to your question" Paul said, hoping this would defuse the atmosphere a little.

"OK, thank you for the apology, and if we are still at that point, what is your answer to the question?"

"I'm not sure you will like the proper answer any better," Paul answered, trying to avoid a real answer.

"Try me."

"It's not anything Sue hasn't seen before."

"You had better explain yourself," his mother replied, somewhat surprised.

"Well, in the summer when we were in Sweden the Erikssons had a cabin on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. You remember we told you?"

"Yes,",she answered still a little curious.

"Well, they also had a wood burning sauna there and one day they fired it up and we all had a good Scandinavian style sauna ending up in the lake to cool off at the end."

"When you say Scandinavian style, you mean undressed?"

"Yes mum," Paul answered trying not to sound too exasperated, "and it was one of the best things I have ever tried. A bit hot at first but we were coached by the Erikssons as to how to do it and get the best out of it. We were not in the sauna as long as they were."

"Err, OK!" she answered, not too sure as to how to continue the discussion.

"Oh come on mum, didn't you do any thing stupid when you were a teenager. I recall from some where that you said teenagers tend to do stupid things. What did you do? I seem to remember that you once told us that you used to go to the pool at the YWCA."

"Yes I did, so what?" she answered, more as a question than an answer

"I also remember reading somewhere that it was compulsory to swim without swimsuits in their pools. So you can go swimming naked in a pool and I can't do sauna naked?"

"Yes I did swim without a swimsuit, as was required, but we were only girls there," she answered trying to avoid the ÔÇÿnÔÇÖ word. "Anyway I have a lot to do now before supper so we will carry on with the discussion later."

Paul got up, collected the coffee cups and washed them before leaving the kitchen on his way back to his room to log on to the forum to see if there were any other suggestions, even if a little late.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony

Postby cony on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:06 pm

"Paul, if you don't want to wear pyjamas at night, leave them in the wardrobe!" his mother called after him as he walked out of the kitchen.

Hi newnudeguy,
Why not rebel and do your own thing. Move naked from your bedroom to the bathroom. Move out, get your own place, then you can do what you want. Be a free spirit, bring back the 60s!
Nude rebel

Paul did not think that the advice given by Nude rebel was exactly helpful. He was only sixteen and still at school. He also wanted to go onto university. He had no intention of arguing with his parents.

Hi nude rebel,
Thanks, but your suggestion does not really suit my situation.

Thinking over what his mother had said, or rather not said, he added another message to the thread.

Hi guys,
The talk with my mum didn't go as bad as I thought it might. I was not forbidden to go naked, but then I wasn't given permission either. The open door subject came up, but somehow we were sidetracked onto a different subject. I am somehow getting the feeling that there is a lot more to my mother's background than I know.

Paul was about to sign off when a new message appeared in the thread. It caught his eye because it had an unusual title ÔÇô Bucket List.

Don't give up so fast. Make yourself a bucket list, nothing spectacular just things you would like to do eventually over the years. You could even add things which you think you might never do but would like to (hopefully).
You can add things like 'walk between your bedroom and bathroom naked', which is something which might happen soon, visit a naturist beach or even something like taking part in the WNBR in London or a Spencer Tunick photo shoot.

The last message was definitely something to think about, although he was not too sure what the WNBR was or who Spencer Tunick was. Paul logged off and went to have a shower.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony

Postby cony on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:08 pm

Paul's mother had just started getting the supper ready when her husband entered. He walked over and gave his wife a kiss.

"Hello dear, did Sue come back with you?"

"Yes she did," he replied, "but she will not be staying for supper. She is going to Linda to do the assignment they were given at school yesterday."

"Did you get a chance to have a talk with Paul?"

"Yes, but I am not sure how it turned out."

"Eve, you remember what we talked about the other night. We can't have him walking around undressed. I do not want a repeat of the trouble I had at my first place of work."

Adam was referring to the place where he had started his work career after he had left university and how he had been picked on by his superior over the fact that his wife would swim naked at the YWCA. This man had made it difficult for him to work and blocked his chances of promotion. In the end Adam had to move to a new job which paid less but eventually he was able to move up the promotion ladder. This trauma was still with him.

Pauls mother continued,

"When I started talking with Paul he brought up the subject that I used to go to the YWCA to swim, and I remembered how much I liked it. After this I just couldn't tell him he had to wear clothes. He seems to be much more relaxed since he came back from the student exchange in Sweden."

"Darling, I am sorry, but I am worried what will happen to me at work if it is known that my son runs around undressed. I do not want to start looking for another place. We still have a large mortgage on this place."

"I agree with you, but the world has moved on a bit since then. You are respected at work and Mr. Montague is such a nice person. I even spoke with his wife at the last Christmas party at your work and she told me how much they enjoyed their holidays at Lanzarote."

"Eve, I am sorry, but even though I know how much you liked swimming at the YWCA I am still scared that I will loose my job again. It took me over a year to find a new one last time. I do not want to repeat it again," he said firmly, even if a little sad thinking about the times when he had also been to the pool at the YMCA. "He will have to dress and that's final."

Paul was just finishing his shower when Sue came into the bathroom. "Paul where is the assignment Mr. Parker gave us, you said you'd picked up mine for me?"

"It's in my school bag in the bedroom, go and get it."

Sue left and Paul came out of the shower to dry off, but before he could get hold of a towel Sue returned, grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the bedroom. "I can't find it, get it, I'm in a hurry. I'm going to Linda to do it with her."

Paul knelt, pulled the bag from under his bed and gave her the assignment. "You do remember that Mr. Parker said that each person had a different assignment and we were supposed to do it on our own?"

"Yeh, yeh," Sue said, "so what? We will be working as a team on both our assignments." She completed taking the paper from his hand.

She turned and went towards the bedroom door calling out over her shoulder before she left, "Mum and dad are talking about you. They are still trying to work out how your clothes got to the kitchen floor so fast last night. You're in trouble now!"

"Great," Paul thought, "here I am, dripping water on the carpet in my bedroom, crossing something off my bucket list even before I've started it and I'm in trouble with mum and dad."

With that he left his room and went to the bathroom to finally get a towel to dry off before he dressed. He remembered that he also had an assignment from Mr. Parker, returned to his bedroom and sat down to do it.
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Re: My house, my rules à la Cony

Postby cony on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:11 pm

About seven Paul had had enough of the assignment, he had almost completed it. It was not an easy one. He went down to join his parents for supper. After helping lay the table they all sat down, eat and talked small talk. Paul's father asked him what these assignments were that he and his sister had been given by Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker was the twinsÔÇÖ form teacher and occasionally he would give them assignments so they could discuss it in one of the classes. This time he had decided to give each pupil a different assignment to test their individuality.

Paul started. "I don't know what Sue's assignment was, as we were all given different ones. Mine was to describe fashion in The Garden of Eden and how it evolved over the years."

"Interesting and unusual," his father said. "And what are your conclusions?"

"That it was a very simple, convenient fashion that was later spoilt by greed, and that it hasn't really recovered since then."

At this point Paul's mother asked, "How did you come to that conclusion? I thought that fashion was always evolving and that every period of time had its own fashion."

"Well," Paul continued "Genesis 2:25 describes a very simple one piece clothing that everyone was happy with, but following the feast at the beginning of Genesis 3 there was a great change in their fashion sense and they were not so happy with the old fashion, so much so they had to hide it as described in Genesis 3:10 and have been doing so since."

"Which feast?" Paul's mother asked, a little surprised.

"The apple," he replied, taking a big bite from the apple he had in his hand. "The apple!"

"Paul", his father continued, "are you referring to the first days in The Garden of Eden when they were not wearing clothes, I think fashion has moved on a bit since then."

"Has it, dad? I think that after the bite from the big apple we are no longer happy with our fashion and are always trying to improve it, and without success it would seem."

"Paul," his father interrupted, "fashion is defined by the clothes we wear, not those we don't wear, and I don't think running about with no clothes on is the proper thing to do, it can only lead to trouble."

"Dad, you are describing exactly what I am trying to say, as stated in Genesis 3:10: 'I am naked therefore I am ashamed'. I am not ashamed!"

"Paul, there will be no running around undressed in this household and you will also close the bathroom door when you are showering."

"But dad ," Paul started before he was cut off abruptly by his father.

"No Paul that is my decision and it's final," his father stated firmly.

Paul could see that his mother was looking on with a little sadness in her eyes, he had hoped for some support after their talk earlier.

His father finished the discussion with 

"It's our house and our rules"
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