This says (nearly) it all!

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This says (nearly) it all!

Postby Offkilter on Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:27 pm

This was written and shared on Facebook by Jose G. Arellano

Nudism is great. We should definitely promote it.

I am 25 years old, and even though I have been “into” nudism since October 2014, all of my life I have never been bothered by nudity. I’ve been curious and interested in non-sexual nudity my whole life.

It is a shame to be taught to be ashamed of our naked bodies. Naked bodies are what we all have and own since birth until death. Nudity is not evil; it does not hurt anyone at all.

To be taught body shame ought to cause a lot of outrage. We need to condemn body shame as much as we do with bigotry, violence, kidnappings, killings and robbery.

We need to treat body shame as bullying because it can never benefit anyone. Like smoking, bullying, war and violence, body shame is completely bad.

Like no one deserves to be bullied, no one deserves to be body shamed either.

Children should be taught about the human body, since they belong to humanity. And they ought to be taught so by being exposed to naked human bodies. It is a huge shame for children to be protected from wholesome nudity but not from violence in TV shows, movies and video games.

I wish I could go all the way back in time when clothes began to be developed for much more than protection from harsh weather and doing dangerous activities so we could not ever allow any religion or culture from having people go nude when practical. Then every following generation since then would have been nudist.

Everyone has nudity in them, clothed only means naked underneath the clothes. Why then must we frown upon this? It’s ridiculous.

We should begin a nudist revolution to normalize the nudist lifestyle, then we can be naked anywhere at all times when practical with no harassments or complaints, we then would normalize nude photos and other nude imagery, nudity would not be prohibited anywhere anymore, many clothing industrie s go out of business and people in those industries can work somewhere else, we ban the needless clothing, if this happens in my lifetime I won’t miss clothing and this nudist revolution ought to be as big (in long-lasting and widespread) as other eras like the industrial revolution or the Roman Empire were.

I have been naked at home when I can because it is not a nudist household. I am 25 with my parents mostly due to economic issues. When I am on my own I seriously am making a nudist household.

I have done these things naked and want to keep doing so: walk around the house, sleep, some eating, some drinking, use the toilet, listen to music, use the Internet, clean, brush my teeth, a little exercise, read, write and make my bed.

The world would be a better place without clothes.

The world is warming up. This is one reason for promoting nudism, making a nudist revolution and a practical solution for the heat. I hope that in the future we live naked a lot more often again as nature intended, and with a warmer world a good reason for this.

I live near a river, but the problém is there is no nude swimming there. We can always,However, change the rules there by going over to the staff who work there so they allow nude swimming.

I also want to do these other things naked not involving sex: run, play, sunbathe, swim (preferably in company), take communal baths and showers, dance, raise a nudist family, go to nudist resorts and clubs, attend nudist events, perhaps get married, go to nude beaches, cook when appropriate, camp, hike, party, nude recreation, promote nudism.

Children are not harmed by nudism. Nudism helps children even more than if they are used to wearing clothes. It isn’t frowned upon by so many parents for their children to run around naked at home when the children are little, but then it changes when the children begin school. Why is this? Running around naked is not a detriment.

When the children get toilet trained they should be allowed to be naked a lot more often.

I hope me, my wife and our children are naked together at home and social nude times and places in the future, and in social nude times and places with others who are nude.

I hope this is a plán for the future: that me,my wife and our children together are naked at home and social nude places and times with others nude at the social nude times and places, and let the children be nude a lot more often once they are toilet trained.

I want to go to nudist clubs and resorts and take nudist vacations. I prefer to go to the nudist venues where all ages are welcome to go to.

Nudity is okay for art and statues, but why not for being naked in person when practical? We need to also allow nudity when practical.

Let’s legalize public nudity!

It is totally okay to not like clothes. In fact I am aiming to encourage it. Clothes are more harmful than helpful. I would be glad for me and many others to fear clothes so much that we live naked as much as possible.

We need to talk much more about nudism.

Everyone should try nudism at least once, and be naked in a society. Nakedness is bliss, so nudism would indeed create a happier world.

I want to participate in world naked bike rides.

Let’s increase the number of nudist clubs, resorts, beaches and events. We can also make all textile venues and events nudist ones, at least in being naked when practical to allow nudity in them.

I want to be naked in the rain outside as long as it’s warm.

Clothing is really only needed for harsh weather and risky activities protections.

We allow anyone to learn any language, become parents, own a pet or live other lifestyles and the same should go for allowing anyone to be nude.

I look forward to a day when everyone lives naked in the world again.

Why don’t we make many clothing industries go out of business? Clothing isn’t needed for any other circumstance besides harsh weather and risky activities.

I wish I grew up nudist. I want to be a nudist for life now. You can wish me good luck in my future goals in nudism and That I achieve all of them.

Being naked is awesome and so much fun. I want to also promote nudism because it’s a great lifestyle.
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Re: This says (nearly) it all!

Postby nudecamper on Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:30 am

Again a theme that attemps to turn the whole world naked when the world clearly does not want it. I disagree with this idea of “body shame”. Where does that come from? People wear clothes because everybody else does. Most folk conform to the norms of the society in which they live. While naturists might regard they have a right to be naked on beaches & in public spaces the majority would disagree. This is how democracy works.

So Naturists living in cosmopolitan societies can only regard naturism as a hobby. Much like golf for example. You can’t play golf in crowded public spaces because you will impinge on the enjoyment of the public space of non golfers. The answer is not really that everybody should play golf but that golfers should play golf on a golf course.

So it is with naturism. Do one’s naturism at places of naturism. Campsites, beaches etc. Any hobby is best enjoyed with like minded folk in places that are friendly to those that enjoy that specific hobby. Ime this is a far better way of enjoying naturism than trying to prove a point by attempting to practise naturism in place that you know perfectly well will invite complaints & derision. Stop trying to fight the system & work within it & you will enjoy a better quality of recreational naturism.
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Re: This says (nearly) it all!

Postby Naturgesetz on Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:50 am

I think Jose Arellano realizes that solitary individuals can't change what it socially acceptable. But it seems to me that it is a good idea to encourage acceptance of nudity. WNBR is a good example, IMO. Nudity themed TV shows can be too, especially if it is not treated as naughty or implicitly sexual. Shows about nudists are good. Societal attitudes do change over time. We can try to encourage whatever will move society in the direction of acceptance of nudity.
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Re: This says (nearly) it all!

Postby nudecamper on Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:56 am

Tbf the article Is of US origin. Most UK folks objection to naturism ime is that they don’t want to see naked people & that they are not interested in naturism rather than this odd “body shame” thing. I’m not really familiar with the expression. Perhaps it’s a US religious thing? Certainly in the UK societal attitudes have changed over the years. Few object to nudity on tv & so on but still most folks don’t want to be naturists so don’t want to see it mostly because they only want good looking nudity.
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