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User registration question

Postby Cat on Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:48 am

There have been a couple of posts recently regarding the registration question. These have highlighted the fact that in order to answer it without Googling the answer you'd need to have knowledge of UK naturist beaches.

In the past we have used question of a general nature. The trouble with these is that they have been easy to defeat and we have had spam appearing on the forum. It appears there are those who are intent of littering forums with spam are prepared to go only so far. A question that requires a bit of effort appears to put them off. Ever since the current question has been used, we have had no spam being posted.

For this reason the question will remain. Anyone who wishes to join the forum will no doubt be prepared to spend a minute or two finding the answer. It's not that difficult really. Anyone who isn't prepared to suffer the small amount of 'pain' are probably not that keen to join anyway.
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