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Spam Warning

Postby FrankT on Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:29 am

We've had a couple of cases in the past few days where someone has put up posts consisting mainly of a long series of links. We (the moderators) believe that these posts are spam, and that clicking on one of these links could cause your computer to become infected.

We've removed these posts as soon as we've seen them. And we've banned the Internet address that these posts have come from. The danger is that a spam post could stay up for awhile before one of us sees it and gets rid of it.

So a warning: For your own protection, if you see a post from someone you don't know, with a bunch of links, do NOT click on any of them!

This is a terrific board, and we're very sorry that someone is trying to abuse it. We hope the problem won't recur. But in the meantime, just STAY SAFE!
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