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'My first nudist experience' by Tyler

When I was about 16 or so I am not sure why but I was uncomfortable wearing underwear in my room so I decided to take them off. I spent a little time nude in my room and felt kinda weird because I was not comforable with my body I guess. After that it felt nice to not have anything on me, feeling the cool breeze on my skin, and I enjoyed it. I went nude sometimes in my room till I was about 17. Then I used to run a few miles from a nude beach. I ran to it one day and saw people and I ran to a spot where I was pretty isolated. I wanted to see what it felt like to be nude on the beach, so I took all my clothes off. I'll never forget that wonderful feeling I had being nude in the sun :) It was fun to run nude in the water too and swim. Its much more comfortable than with a suit :) It was a great experience just enmjoying what God created for us nude and natural in the sun and ocean.

These days I love to go nude in my room and in my apartment when possible. I have been to a few nudist resorts in CA and FL where I now live. My family does not go nude, but they have no problem that I do.

Going nude is great! Its relaxing, freeing, and feels great! I'd love to hear from other nudists out there.














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